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How to select your ideal student accommodation in the UK?

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Embarking on a university journey is an exhilarating chapter of anyone’s life. It is filled with different experiences, knowledge as well as independence. Central to this adventure is selecting the most suitable student housing. The UK is home to a plethora of student housing options and each of them offers amazing benefits. However, the abundance of selection can feel overwhelming. We understand how important it is for you to find the most comfortable and conducive living space and thus this article has been created to help you select the ideal student accommodation. 

Understand your options    

There are different types of student accommodation in Manchester and you need to choose which one is perfect for you based on your lifestyle needs and budget. some of the accommodations are: 

  1. On-campus accommodations- There are two kinds of accommodation available for you to select from. The most common one is the on-campus accommodation. Let’s read about them: 
  • Halls of Residence: In this type of accommodation, you can find a wide range of rooms which students have to share. The students can share a few of the basic amenities which are provided by the university like the study hall, bathrooms, meals, and so on. This type of housing is growing popular as it is one of the most amazing housing plans and it is convenient for the students to walk to the university. moreover, staying in the university will the students can enjoy all kinds of culture under one roof.
  • Private Halls of Residence: In this housing, the concept remains the same as the university halls of residence. However, this form of accommodation is managed by private companies instead of the universities. Here you can receive more amenities than the basic ones like the gyms, etc. You can share the room and other facilities with students who may or may not be from your university. This kind of housing is best suited for all the students who want to have more comprehensive access. 
  1. Off-campus accommodations– private student accommodation in Manchester is perfect for students who don’t want to stay on campus. This option of housing becomes popular after the students graduate from their first year at the university. In this section, you can find the three best accommodations: 
  • Shared flats: If you stay off-campus, then shared flat options are great. Here you share a flat with your friends or another roommate. This is one of the most convenient forms of housing as the students can share the expenses. The students who are on a tight budget but want to stay outside the campus, it is one of the best options. 
  • Homestays: The students who want to stay off-campus can look into the homestay option. In this kind of stay, the family will be there to take care of you in return for monthly payments. In such kind of accommodation in Manchester, meals are included. 
  • Renting a private apartment: If the other two options don’t interest you, you can go with a private apartment. After some years, the student opts for private apartments as they provide privacy. The students can easily stay independent and manage everything by themselves. 

Catered vs self-catered: 

Next, you need to decide if you want to go with catered halls or self-catered halls. Let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages. 

Pros of Catered: In catered, you will get a sense of community and you can meet a lot of different people. You will find more common areas for socializing. When food is provided you don’t have to think about cooking or buying groceries. 

Pros of Self-Catered: When you are staying with a smaller group, you can develop better friendships. Cook together will help in bonding well. You can learn to cook different meals. You will have the flexibility to eat what and when you like.

Cons of Catered: You will have structured meal times which are less flexible. The cafeteria can be loud and overwhelming sometimes. You can miss an opportunity to cook and budget meals. 

Cons of Self-catered: You can cost more if you are not good a budgeting. Food can go to surplus if not cooked in a systematic way. A shared kitchen can get crowded in the busy hours. 

Select the right location

It is essential that you select a good location when selecting student accommodation options in Manchester. If you want to stay off-campus, ensure that you get an answer to the below-mentioned questions: 

  • How safe is the location? 
  • Is it a student-friendly location? 
  • Are there any nearby markets for grocery shopping? 
  • Is the location close to the university? 
  • Is there good public transportation across the location? 


It is more than just paying the rent. you need to factor in other important things too like utilities, internet connectivity, food as well as personal expenses. A comprehensive budgeting plan can help you save from unexpected financial strain. 


What does the student housing in Manchester offer? you can find en-suite rooms, common spaces, laundry services as well as security features which are important aspects to consider. For instance, an accommodation with a high-end facility can push the rent up by 10-20%.


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