Marketing automation software is a platform that is developed and designed in such a way to enable marketers in capturing audiences, create new customers, learn the tactics in order to improve their marketing strategies, track the behavior of every lead, analyze the whole sales pipeline and improve their sales.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many B2C and B2B companies began the use of marketing automation services for the purpose of growth of their businesses. Marketing or Sales automation tools provide a lot of helpful features which are amalgamated to form a single software like digital marketing, web analytics and a ton of reporting tools as well.

The tools provided by Marketing automation services enable marketers to create tactics, campaigns, bring together customer data and analyze customer behavior in order to promote better conversion rates and increase revenue. You might think that selecting marketing automation software could be challenging considering the countless options available today. However, choosing an automation platform is not as complicated as it seems. Most importantly you must take into account the type and size of the business you run. Whether it has multiple locations or is only one. Let’s say you are the owner of a company with locations around the world. You should use automation platforms like Adplorer that allow you to automate numerous campaigns in order to optimize multi-location marketing.

Many people mistake Marketing automation systems as CRM software. While their functionality overlaps, Marketing automation software is basically built to accelerate your efforts and make your marketing strategy more personalized, linear and productive in turn helping your brand uncover fresh ideas, according to the prevailing market trends. 

Features a marketing automation tool must have

  • Automated email marketing 

Email Marketing, even after decades, remains an extremely effective form of marketing.  One of the basic components provided by marketing automation companiesis email marketing, and the automatic email sending mechanism to help in generating leads.

Marketing automation tools offer:

  1. Segmentation of emails according to prospect’s interests
  2. Bulk emailing to send multiple emails with a single click
  3. Templates and various email formats to make your emails attractive 
  4. Email triggers to help you get the specific information about client’s each move on your emails.
  • Lead creation and nurturing 

Lead Nurturing provides tracking of leads. Their segregation according to groups and interaction with your leads through follow-ups to turn them into full-fledged customers. 

It begins with recognition of the behavior of leads and. In-depth analysis to collect their data and movements altogether. Then, after the creation of a specific number of leads with the data on their behaviour patterns. Segregating them into different groups like demographically, according to age etc.

  • Automation of social media 

Built-in tools are provided within the interface of the Marketing automation software. To help you create engagement of clients through the use of various features on social media platforms like polls. Referrals, ask a question, and other kinds of interactions, etc.

It also provides an option for scheduled posting, so you don’t have to keep track of the time continuously in order to post, and set up everything in advance. 

  • Analytics, reporting and SEO 

Marketing automation tools offer integration with Google Analytics. To provide you with the full data on your efforts in marketing campaigns. And their effects on your website traffic and ROI. Through the software you can get multiple insights on the movements of your leads through multiple channels. SEO and paid media are also very essential tools that are provided by a Marketing automation company. To increase organic traffic on your website in a centralized single interface and provide a consolidated analysis. 


Marketing automation tools are as important as a CRM for your company. Because they integrate and bind all the lead mechanism tools into a single. Well maintained, continuously upgraded, trigger-based, scheduled. And consolidated interface to provide your business with improvement in efficiency and generate increased revenue. 

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