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How to Save Thunderbird Emails as EML in Bulk?

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Have you recently started using Mozilla Thunderbird and are wondering how to save Thunderbird Emails as EML file? And how to export Thunderbird emails to EML in bulk? Find a detailed tutorial with proper screenshots. Here, you will find the free method for exporting Thunderbird emails to an EML file.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free desktop-based mail client that users frequently use. It supports MBOX and EML file formats. However, Mozilla Thunderbird saves files in no-extension MBOX format locally.

Why do we need to Save Thunderbird Email in EML File Format?

  • Users may acquire a selected file they wish to export in the EML file format.
  •  The EML file format will never modify the data structure and is simple to send and receive.
  •  The majority of email clients support EML files because they are simple and versatile to use.
  •  Each EML file represents an email, while an MBOX file stores a collection of email messages.
  •  EML is supported by way more email clients compared to MBOX.

Export Thunderbird Emails to EML format by Using Manual Free Methods

There are two simple ways to save Thunderbird messages to EML file format. Choose the most suited option that meets your needs and is simple.

“Save as” Option. Step 1 – Select the appropriate email messages you wish to convert, and then use the shortcut keys CTRL+A to select all emails from a certain folder.

Step 2 – After that, press the right mouse button while clicking on the emails you want to save >> choose the Save As icon.

Step 3 – Finally, select the location where you want to save the EML files and click Select Folder.

  1. Using A Free Add-On Method

Normally, Mozilla Thunderbird provides a free Add-on called “ImportExportTools NG,” frequently used in Thunderbird to accomplish different functions. To use this free Add-On, you must first download and install ImportExportTools on your computer.

Step 1 – How to Install Add-on ImportExport Tool

  • From the taskbar, select Tools >> Select Add-ons from the drop-down menu (If the menu does not appear, press the ALT key.)
  •  Click on the Settings Icon and type ImportExportTool NG.
  • Then, Download the NG Add-on and Install it with Add to Thunderbird button.
  •  After that, Restart Now.

Step 2 – Use ImportExport Tool to Save Thunderbird Emails in EML Format

  • Select the desired Folder in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  •  Right-click on it >> ImportExportTools NG >> Export all messages in the Folder>> EML format.
  •  Select the Folder wherever you want the transformed EML files to be saved, and then click Choose Folder (Make sure to save the files inside a folder).

All emails in the Folder are exported in EML file format.

Professional Way to Export Thunderbird Emails as EML File Format

Saving Thunderbird emails as EML files is an easy process. You can even execute the whole process manually, but manual prosses do not give you 100% surety that your all-important data is save in EML file format. Perhaps part of your data has been move to EML format, but some still need to, and those that still need to are still not your valuable data.

Furthermore, exporting Email to EML Format takes a long time, which is not affordable for a businessman. We recommend you use the SysTools MBOX Converter Wizard to quickly fix your problem and ensure that all your important data is readily copy to the EML format.


We have covered a solution Manually and Professionally with the ideal images and pictures to the inquiry regarding “How to Save Thunderbird Emails as EML format” in the following write-up stages. We’ve also compiled and organized a step-by-step solution that allows customers to complete the conversion. Even non-technical or technical professionals can complete the transfer procedure.


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