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How to Save on Taxi Fares in Wokingham – Easy Tips from Taxi Drivers

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Taxi services offer a convenient, comfortable and relaxed form of transport. Though taxi services are not likely to charge you inflated prices, you need to look for ways to pay less taxi fare for Wokingham Taxi. Below are some ideas you can use to get cheaper tax fares.

Get flat rates from a private cab

Suppose you are travelling for longer distances above 100 kilometres it’s best to hire private cabs that provide a flat rate for the journey. You can let them know that you are willing to pay the flat upfront rate for the ride. Most companies offer the flat rate principle to bill you before the journey and not be bothered about collecting the fare after the trip. However, if you are travelling for shorter distances, you might not convince cab companies to offer you reduced fat rates.

Compare Quotes

The basis of understanding anything is through conducting research. To find the best Wokingham Taxi services that save on taxi fare, you have to dig around a bit. Look for a reliable and reputable taxi service and make sure that they offer reasonable prices. To know which company is offering the cheapest rates in the market, collect a few advance quotes from a few taxi companies. You can also browse through their websites and compare the rates against each other and see which one makes the most sense for your budget.

Choose the Shortest Routes

Most cabs have a navigation system to help get you to your destination. The exciting thing about most navigation software is that they usually provide two options, the “shortest” route and the “fastest” route. In most instances, the fastest routes are also the longest routes that encourage interstate speed limits. Remember that the taxi company will bill for every mile. Suggest to your driver to use the shortest path for a change in your taxi fare.

Also, if you know the directions to your destinations, don’t shy away from sharing them with the taxi driver.  If you know the quickest and shortest way, you may help take off some miles from your bill.

Avoid Rush Hour

Traffic is a menace for most commuters. It’s incredibly annoying because the meter keeps on running even when you are sitting in the traffic. Sitting in traffic for hours can be tiring and frustrating for your pocket. To avoid the unnecessary increase In your taxi fare, try scheduling your travels before or after rush hours when travelling in taxi services.

Ask for weekly or monthly rates

If your car needs some repair or has been issued with a DUI license suspension, such a situation may require you to take a daily taxi ride. Without a car and you have to get to and from work daily, that brings a total of 10 taxi rides per week. You can communicate with the company about your plan to ride with them daily, and they will probably offer you a reasonable flat rate that will save you on taxi fare.


There are several ways to save money on taxi fare. You should plan and compare rates to ensure that you get the best price in the market.


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