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How to Save Money When Buying Aluminium Doors and Windows

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Want to redecorate your house to increase its value? Or want a renovation to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home? No matter your reason for remodelling, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a home redesigning or renovation project.

This article will talk about the essential tips to help you complete your home renovation at an affordable cost. Continue reading for the crucial tips to keep the costs down when choosing an aluminium glass door or window for your home:

  1. Say No to Custom Windows

Aluminium windows are highly versatile, and it’s great news for homeowners seeking a personalised look for their home. But custom aluminium windows are often costlier than standard window designs. If your budget doesn’t allow it, it is best to avoid choosing custom windows to keep costs down. For, the more complex the design, the higher is the cost.

  • Look for Odd-lots

This tip is beneficial for homeowners who won’t mind an occasional flaw in their window’s structure. The workshops and showrooms across the world always have some products with particular knockoffs. Since anything with a minor fault can be available at discounted prices, it can be your best bet when you have a low budget. This way, you can easily find aluminium doors and windows at a low price.

You can call up showrooms, workshops and stores. Ask them about any older, discontinued or slightly damaged frames for purchase. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, as the company will get some money, and you’ll find a significant discount on the profiles.

  • Less Energy-efficiency

As homeowners are becoming more aware of the environment and looking for more energy-saving options, it’s best to look for windows with better energy efficiency.

Nowadays, many products are available with better energy efficiency ratings. But the higher the energy efficiency, the higher is the price of that product. So, to avoid the higher price tag on the new aluminium windows and doors, you can look for less-efficient or comparatively cheaper options.

These days, most products receive an energy-efficiency rating. Unfortunately, better efficiency tends to cost higher. Consequently, you can avoid excessive expense on your new windows by seeking less-efficient options.

But the less-efficient windows also mean high energy bills in the long run. So, it’s on you to decide which aspect you can compromise – energy efficiency or energy savings?

4. Choose Fixed Windows

The more complex the design of your aluminium profile, the higher its cost. Due to this, it is best to buy fixed windows. Another alternative is operable windows that can be opened.

While the operable windows can bring in the fresh air, a fixed window means no ventilation. However, the fixed window can save you money.

5. Think about Longer-term Investment

Well, this tip won’t save you money! But this point is worth making, nevertheless. It would help if you looked at your windows as a long-term investment. They add aesthetics and value to your property. This is true for top-quality windows like the ones made from aluminium. Aluminium windows and doors are likely to return you around 80% of their price at resale.

We understand that the installation and manufacturing costs are not very cheap. But if things go well, you regain around 80% of your initial expenditure when you sell your house. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the best quality windows and doors.

6. Look for Multiple Quotes

Getting multiple quotes is another way to save your money on any aluminium window or aluminium door for the bathroom or other areas of your home.

Never agree to the very first often you get from a window company. There can be various similar services available at a lower price. So, you need to call around and ask for quotes. This will allow you to find the right aluminium door and window provider offering the best quality at the lowest price possible.

7. Get Installation Done in the Off-season

For saving money, you need to install your aluminium doors and windows in the off-season. If you can wait for that long, you can save a lot of money.

It is tempting to get new windows installed instantly. But during the peak season, the cost of installation is higher. If you can wait till the off-season or when there’s less demand for energy-efficient windows, it can be helpful for you financially. In the off-season, window companies often cut their labour costs or sell products at a lower price.


Aluminium windows and doors are not available at cheap costs. Alas, the window replacement prices are often high. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you can easily cut down the cost of your aluminium profiles. With the right approach, you can get high-quality windows for your home at a discounted price.


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