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How to Revive, and Optimize your Mac System

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Optimization of your Mac is very necessary, as after a certain time of usage of the Mac it starts behaving erratically. There are certain files on your Mac that can be deleted thus recovering the space on the Mac. Once your optimization of the Mac completes your Mac will start working more smoothly and you will be able to use it without any problem.

Optimization of the Mac includes clearing up the space on your Mac. There are different ways using which you can clear up the space on your Mac. By clearing up the space on your Mac, you can make it run more smoothly and without any problem.

There are different ways using which you can optimize your Mac. You can clean up the space of your Mac by removing the junk, caches, old files, and removing applications. Mac optimization will help you to use your Mac without any performance issues.

This simple guide will tell you about cleaning up the Mac easily.

How to remove unwanted files from the Mac to recover the space?

You can find different types of junk files on your Mac. Basically caches, unused files, and leftover files are all the junk files. Old downloaded files and log files can also be deleted as they are unused files and once deleted, they will recover space on the Mac.

What are caches and junk files?

Caches are the temporary files that are useful for some time and then become unusable. There are the files created by the applications, websites and by the Mac itself for smooth operations.

Caches and junk files collected over the years will start hogging all the space on your Mac and your Mac becomes slow to operate. After the usage of these files they become usable and can be deleted for recovering space.

Manually delete the caches for recovering the space on the Mac.

1. Press the Command+Shift+G to open the Finder program on your Mac.

2. Now enter ~/Library/Caches and then click on the Go button.

3. You can delete all the files and folders located in the cache folder, so, to select all the folders press Command+A button and then delete them.

4. It may be possible that you will be prompted to enter the password.

Once you enter the password your junk will be deleted.

Automatically clean up your Mac and optimize your Mac performance

We all have heard the question: how to optimize your Mac performance? and how to optimize your Mac storage?

Here we have listed some of the best Mac cleaners that you can use to clean your Mac.

1. Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro is a simple but effective program that will help you to optimize the Mac. It is one of the best Mac optimization software that is easy to use, helps you to remove junk, unused language packs, removal of old files and other cleaning.

It is a great program that is fully capable of optimizing the Mac. It is a paid program with lots of different modules.

Some features of the program:

One-click clean-up available

Logs and junk cleaner.

Removal of partial & old downloaded files.

Ability to remove duplicate files

Maintain Internet privacy.

Download now

2. Cleanup My System

Cleanup My System is one of the best Mac optimization software with lots of features. This program will help you to remove unwanted applications from the Mac, junk files, temporary files, caches, and perform other tasks for optimizing the Mac. Using this program, you can also remove large and old files from the Mac. It will also help you to enable and disable the startup items to improve the boot time.

This simple Mac optimization software will help you to secure your Mac from internet threats. It will help you to clean up browsers from your personal information that includes cookies, caches, and browsing history.

Features of this program:

Improve overall performance of the Mac.

Recover the space on your Mac.

Secure your Mac.

Comes with a sharing plan.

App remover.

Download now

3. CleanMyMac

It is a great program which is filled with lots of important features. This feature filled program will help you to optimize the Mac easily. It is an easy to install application and easy to use. This will help you to clean the caches and junk files on your Mac in a single click. Using this program, you can easily remove unwanted applications from your Mac.

Features of this program:

Malware removal module available.

Helps you to remove browser history and all the internet history.

Comes in different languages.

Helps you to Update and uninstall application.

Download now

4. CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner is a popular Mac optimization program developed by Piriform. It is one of the best Mac optimization software available on the internet. It is a professional cleaning tool that will optimize your Mac and improve its overall functioning.

It comes with both free and paid versions. It is a simple program and because of its simplicity it is popular. 

Features of this program:

Secure your browsing experience.

Real time monitoring system

Clean the junk files

Application uninstaller.

Download now

5. MacBooster 8

MacBooster is safe to use and one of the best programs for optimizing your Mac. It will help you to improve the performance of your Mac. It will help you to deep clean your Mac and will help you to remove duplicates from it also. Using this software, you do not have to worry about malware infection.

Features of this program:

Make your Mac secure.

Clean your Mac, optimize apps at startup.

Improves overall performance of Mac.

Helps you to remove large files and duplicate files.

Download now


You can optimize your Mac manually or you can use one of the programs we have mentioned. These programs will help you to optimize your Mac easily and without any problem.


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