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How to resolve the Yahoo mail issues?

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Known for its advanced features and user-friendliness, Yahoo mail is among the widely used email platforms. Whether it is about sending and receiving emails, calendars, managing contacts, and virtual scheduling meetings, Yahoo mail covers them all. But, because of technical glitches and other factors, you might encounter problems such as Yahoo mail not receiving emails. While there could be several reasons for such issues, you can follow simple troubleshooting steps to eliminate the pain and ensure continued services from Yahoo mail. You can read on to explore why these issues happen, how to resolve them, and get the answers to some of the most common queries related to Yahoo mail problems, such as Yahoo not receiving emails from Facebook.


Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails On PC? Here Is How You Can Resolve It!

While there could be many reasons for you not to receive the emails on the Yahoo mail platform, you can still follow some simple troubleshooting ways to start receiving the emails. Let us have a detailed look at each of these methods:


One of the most essential and foremost checks to do is your internet connection. It may happen that the Wi-Fi signal on the PC or mobile device is showing full; however, if your internet is not working or is unstable, you will not be able to receive the emails on your Yahoo mail account. You can contact the ISP and check if there is any problem at their end. In case everything seems fine with the ISP, then you can proceed to the next step. 


Another essential check you can do is to see the status of the Yahoo mail server. If the server is down, there is nothing you can do apart from waiting for the issue to get resolved on its own. Try accessing the internet from the neighbor or friend to visit the websites such as downdetector.com. You can type the URL of the website in the search box and then check the server’s status. 

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Over the prolonged use of the internet, cache and cookies files get accumulated in the web browser. This can further deteriorate the performance of Yahoo mail, which can restrict you from receiving emails. Thus, it is recommended that you keep a check on these files and then remove them from your browser at the scheduled intervals. For this, you can go to the browser settings and then select a time range for the browsing history, cookies, and cache. Lastly, you have to click on the clear data option to remove them from the browser. 


It may happen that you are receiving the emails in the spam folder. The automatic feature of Yahoo mail might move all the incoming emails to the spam folder instead of the inbox. Such an instance can make you miss a crucial email that is lying in the spam folder. Hence, you must go ahead and check the spam folder and make sure that you whitelist the sender so that the same does not occur in the future. 

For Yahoo mail not receiving emails on iphone, you can use the above methods only. It will resolve most of your issues related to Yahoo mail. 

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