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How to Resolve Google Chrome Keeps Crashing on Android

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Any believe that Google Chrome fame on Android is because it comes pre-loaded by default. So, you’ll imagine what percentage of users use Chrome for their browsing activities. However, if Chrome stops working or crashes randomly, could you switch to a new browser? Well, you should not. You’ll always fix Google Chrome’s crashes on Android with the solutions. If Google Chrome keeps crashing, stopping, or freezing on your phone, try these simple fixes to resolve the problem in a couple of minutes. This guide works whether you employ an Android or iOS device.

When you launch the Chrome browser on Android

And get the message ‘Unfortunately Chrome has stopped’ error on Android, it can be annoying. But if you want to stick with Chrome, read along to fix the Chrome crashing on Android.

  1. Reboot your Android

The first and simplest thing you’ll do to repair the difficulty is to reboot your device. Restarting your device clears many temporary files and fixes many major glitches resting on your Android, which helps give your device and Chrome a clean start. Also, many recent Android phones that carry the Android version are tweaked to deliver lasting battery life over functionality.

  • Close Extra Tabs

Almost every user has a habit of simultaneously opening too many tabs for their daily work. But the routine can sometimes put you in danger as you’ll open too many accounts directly and begin getting an error message. Leaving all the tabs open will hamper your phone’s performance, as Chrome might eat up most RAM on the device. Therefore, to resolve Google Chrome keeps crashing on Android, close unnecessary tabs, exit the app, and relaunch it.

  • Reset Cache Data

Chrome cache is often the culprit for an error message, so you must work on it. Many files might get corrupted, creating problems, so it’s essential to clear the Chrome browser’s data and cache.

Undergo the steps above and fix the crashing Chrome issue on Android.


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