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How to Repair Broken Family Ties?

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Repairing broken family ties may seem exhausting and at the same time it can start with the smallest reasons. Problems may start when your brother puts you on hold while talking to his new girlfriend, your mother-in-law criticizing how you raise your child or your sister who expects you to visit her every other week. Firstly remember, that there are no family without problems, but learning to resolve these problems is the key to avoid broken family ties. Resolving family issues or problems at the start takes only few easy steps as follows.

Be the person who takes the first move

There should be someone who is taking the first move to talk about the family issues that is going on. What happens in most families is pretending there are no issues or rather overlooking them with the hope that time can solve them. On the other hand, some may wonder why you should be taking the first move, when everyone else is silent about it. This also goes by the thought “I didn’t do anything wrong so why should I talk about it?”

Always remember that a family tie is more valuable than you being right. Think of all the happy times you’ve been creating with your family. Think of all the love, care, affection, support and sacrifices your family has made for you and all those beautiful connections.  Moreover, no family issue is one person’sentire fault. So, there is no harm in you initiating to be vocal about the problems or misunderstandings that’s triggering between the family members. This will also prevent the issues from worsening with time.

Identify the real issue

While you be vocal about the family breaking apart, it’s important to identify what the real issue is. This is because not everyone is going to see the problem the same way you see it. Or the real issue for a family conflict may not necessarily be what a person says it is.

If you can’t identify what the real issue is, you can always get professional help like relationship counselling. But for this, everyone should cooperate to visit such a professional and be open about the issues. Only few cooperating for getting professional help may not work most of the time. However, a professional/expert help as such will have easy ways around resolving such conflicts and providing the best guidance through a family problem.

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Listen to the other side of the story

Another important step when identifying the cause of a problem is to listen to all sides of the story. What you see as right may not necessarily be the same for another person. Listening to everyone’s side of the story, gives a better view on who needs to take responsibility for their actions and so on. Also make sure to not entertain unrealistic expectations from people or someone’s reasoning that seem out of anyone’s control. 

Be open to forgiveness

Once the problems have been talked about the next or perhaps the final step anyone could gracefully take is to forgive. This includes forgiving people who takes up responsibility for their actions into causing a family problem or even those who don’t.  Forgiving those who don’t find themselves guilty despite being at fault, can lessen further arguments and misunderstandings and it certainly could be one of the most powerful and mature act one can do.

It’s common for family ties to break apart, but the key to holding these ties is to take the step in resolving them as soon as you identify them.


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