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How to Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery

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When you have pets in your home then some pet hair always remains on the upholstery. So how to remove pet hair from upholstery? Here are some simple tips for upholstery cleaning.

1) Vacuum Cleaner Method :

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, then you can easily remove the pet hair from your upholstery. First of all, switch your vacuum cleaner on to suction and then run the nozzle of the vacuum over the pet hair. This will remove almost 90% of the pet hair from your upholstery.

2) Dusting Method

You can also use a dust cloth and wipe the surface with slight pressure which will gently remove the pet hair. You must not rub or press hard on any area as it may cause scratch marks on your upholstery. So take care while you are using this method and apply some baby powder before wiping so that you get rid of most of the lint particles with ease.

3) Brush The Pet Hair Off With A Wide -Tooth Comb

If you brush the pet hair off with a wide-tooth comb then it will not leave any lint behind as well and will easily remove the pet hair. It’s quite easy to use this method and you can do it yourself at home for removing pet hair from upholstery.

4) Use Dryer Sheet Method

Dryer sheets are also very handy in removing pet hair from your upholstery. You just need to rub the dryer sheet over your upholstery and most of the hairs will come out on leaving behind clean surface. Don’t put too much pressure while rubbing so that you don’t end up with scratch marks on your upholstery fabric.

5) Use A Vacuum Zipper

This is useful for those who don’t have a vacuum cleaner at home. You can also get rid of pet hair from your upholstery using this method. To do this, you need to take some old newspapers and crumple them tightly. Then put that in the zipper bag and tie or tape it properly so that there are no air gaps present.

6) Using Rubber Glove

Another effective way of removing the sticky lint is by wearing a rubber glove on your hand while you swipe the area with dryer sheet or another fabric which has lot of surface area. This will help in driving out all the pet hair without leaving behind any marks. Make sure to take off the rubber glove before you touch any other surface.

7) Use Sticky Tape Method

This is the fastest way of removing pet hair from your upholstery. All you have to do is take a wide tape and run it over the pet hair covered areas on your upholstery. It will catch almost 90% of the hairs without leaving any marks behind. You can even use scotch tape for this purpose which will remove most of the stubborn pet hair easily from your upholstery.


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