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How to reduce days in your Hospital Accounts Receivable?

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Today struggling to maintain a profitable ratio and maintaining a financial leeway is quite difficult. Furthermore the growing expenses and financial responsibility and strict billing regulation making the billing process further complicated. So if your practices are struggling to maintain an efficient cash flow and control the financial health; then it’s time to get in touch with Sunknowledge Services Inc; a decades old RCM solution with many leading names in the industry as an achievement working as an operational extension. 

Sunknowledge the complete solution:

Preventing claims delays and working on claims management, Sunknowledge Services Inc for more than 15+ years have been the RCM solution in the industry today. Maintaining the financial KPIs for your healthcare practice, Sunknowledge experts further track all your AR for better administration. Working on reducing your AR days continuously, our experts additionally brings quick and tangible financial improvement for your practice.

In fact, with us you can forget all about your financial worries and focus more on patient care as when it comes to the arduous task of tracking and managing payments; we are the best in the industry so far. Handling all your back office work which practices often end up struggling with, we further close the loop on outstanding claims.

With the complete clarity into the root causes of payment delays, our experts additional analyzing your complete billing operation provides cleanup work for the staff. Reducing your AR bucket by 30% which is rare in the first month; Sunknowledge team further guarantees lesser denial and errors and a better hospital account receivable management.

With proper documentation and a 99.9% accuracy rate; we are the solutions that prevent backlogs of paperwork so you experience a better revenue cycle management.

So call us right now and improve your hospital accounts receivable within a month. For more information and benefits call us over a no commitment call.


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