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How to Recruit Great Volunteers: Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

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Finding and recruiting great volunteers for your nonprofit organization can be a difficult task. Volunteer Centre County is here to help! Volunteer Centre County strives to create an environment where all organizations are able to find the right volunteer that will best suit their needs. We have some tips on how you can find the perfect volunteer for your organization below!

First, Volunteer Centre County recommends asking yourself a few questions before you start your search:

  • What is my organizations mission?
  • What are my organizations values and beliefs?
  • How many volunteers do I need to fulfill this task or project?

Once you have answered these three key questions it will be easy for Volunteer Centre County to find the right volunteer. We work with all types of nonprofits and know that each has unique needs and missions. Our goal is to match those specific needs with the perfect volunteer! Here at Volunteer Centre we believe in personalizing your experience as much as possible which means finding just one person may not always be an option so we look for multiple options depending on what works best for our clients!

Volunteercentrecounty.org recommends that you create an organization volunteer guide. This document will allow your volunteers to know exactly what they are expected to do and how the process works. A detailed job description of their role is also necessary! Before assigning tasks for a new volunteer, Volunteer Centre County suggests orientating them first on the structure of your organization so they can better understand where their position fits in with other staff members’ roles.

It is important to remember not all people who want to volunteer have similar abilities or interests so it is critical for organizations to be able to asses each person’s skill set before giving them work-related tasks. If you need help assessing skills Volunteer Centre County has experts at no cost! Volunteer Centre County also has experts in Volunteer Management who are at your disposal for free!

This concludes our tips on how to recruit volunteers. Volunteer Centre County wants you to have an amazing experience working with great people and is here any time you need help finding the right volunteer or managing them once they start their position. We hope these suggestions can be of service!


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