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How to Recover Photos from Digital Camera Memory Card

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We have all faced the same problem where due to different reasons we have lost all our precious pictures. If you are looking for a way to recover the deleted photos from your Digital Camera Memory Card then you are in the right place. When the pictures are deleted from the Digital Camera Memory Card then the camera does not give you the option of recovering the deleted pictures directly. 

Therefore, for recovering the pictures you have to use third party software. There are different programs available on the internet that can help you recover deleted pictures but the best one that you can use is Photos Recovery developed by Systweak Software. This simple program will help you to recover deleted pictures easily. Below we will tell you how you can recover photos from a digital camera memory card. 

How to Recover Photos from Digital Camera Memory Card

How are pictures deleted from the digital camera?

There are different reasons for the pictures to get deleted from the digital camera. Pictures can be deleted due to software problems or can be deleted intentionally. Also, sometimes if the storage space gets full, we need to remove some of the pictures. 

Also, in many cases if you lend your camera to someone and they delete our pictures without asking. Our pictures also get deleted accidently, as the delete button can be pressed accidently.

If the pictures are deleted then you can recover them easily using Photos Recovery program:

How to Recover Photos from digital camera:

If your camera can be connected to your computer as the storage then you can recover the deleted pictures easily. Once the camera storage is located on the computer as an external storage then the deleted pictures can be recovered. Now we will learn how we can recover the deleted pictures from the digital camera.

The program we are using here is Photos Recovery developed by the Systweak Software. This simple tool is solely developed for recovering deleted pictures. It is a very efficient program that can easily recover deleted pictures. This program comes with a simple user interface that anyone can use. To recover the deleted pictures users just have to select the location from which you want to recover the pictures and then start the scan. Once the scan is finished you just have to select the pictures and click on the Recover button to recover the pictures.

This program also lets you see the deleted pictures in the tree view so that you can check the deleted pictures easily.

This program also offers two scanning options: Deep scan and Quick scan. Deep scan is used to scan deeper in the location for finding the deleted picture that is hidden deep. Whereas a quick scan will help you to recover pictures that are on the surface of the hard drive.

Photos Recovery program also contains different options that you can choose to recover different types of deleted pictures. You can also select the minimum and maximum size of the pictures that can be recovered using the Photos Recovery program.

You can change the settings of the program according to your needs and the pictures you want to recover.

Let’s see how we can recover deleted pictures from digital camera using Photos Recovery:

1: First you have to download and install Photos Recovery from the link below


This program is compatible with OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)

2: Once the program is installed you just have to launch it.

3: Now you just have to select the location from which you want to recover the deleted pictures. Here you want to select Removable Drive as the digital camera will be connected as external storage.

Photo Recovery

Note: Once you click on the Removable Drive, it will show you all the removable drives connected. Here you have to select your camera. 

Photo Recovery

4: Now you have to select the scan type you want. You can select deep scan and quick scan. Deep scan will scan your camera thoroughly but it will take more time. Whereas, quick will take less time but will find less deleted pictures then Deep scan. In this case we use Deep scan as we are scanning external drives.

Photo Recovery

Now click on the START SCAN button.

5: Scanning will start and the program will find for deleted pictures.

Photo Recovery

Note: The scanning process can be stopped anytime you want. When the scanning process is stopped it will show the deleted pictures but you won’t be able to use Tree View. 

6: Once the scan is complete you will see the deleted pictures that you can remover. When you click on the deleted pictures and see its preview.

Note: After the scanning is finished all the duplicates are selected at first.

Tree View:

Photo Recovery

7: Once the scan is finished, you can select the deleted picture you want to recover and then click on RECOVER button to recover the pictures

Note: Do not recover the files on the same location from which you are recovering from to prevent overwriting. 

How to Recover Photos from digital camera memory card:

If you do not have a camera but only have its Memory Card then you can connect the memory card to the card reader and then connect to your computer.

Once the card is connected you can use the same steps that you have used previously. You just have to connect the memory card to your computer and then scan it with the Photos Recovery software. 

Once the scan is completed you can easily recover the deleted pictures.


There are different photos recovery software available in the market. Photos Recovery software is one Best Photo Recovery Software available that will help you to recover deleted pictures in a single click.

Photos Recovery will scan different locations for the deleted pictures. This program is simple to use and comes with a user-friendly user interface. Users can use two different scanning options that are Quick scan and Deep scan. Both these options will help you to recover deleted pictures thoroughly. 


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