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How to Recover Hard Drive Data After Formatting on Windows?

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Have you lost your hard drive data After Formatting on Windows? Don’t worry. You can recover formatted hard drive easily. We commonly lose hard drive data because of different reasons. Most of the time, our PC and laptops get overheated if you do many tasks simultaneously, and because of the hard drive crashes, we lose data.

Additionally, electrical devices can get damaged due to power fluctuations or outages. The conditions like electrical storms or unexpected power failures can cause corrupt hard drives or even crashes.

If you don’t handle the device properly or some accidents happen, then it can cause permanent and severe damage to hard drives, and people lose all important data. Due to manufacturing defects or system errors, your hard drives can crash.

Additionally, in some cases, the virus or malware attacks our windows, and in this, we need to format our windows to protect them from the virus, but there are huge chances of losing all data from the hard drive. Losing all the hard drive data is a serious problem because it’s hard to recover hard drive data, but thanks to technology, it Is possible. You can find hundreds of data recovery softwares in the online market, but they do not all give 100 percent results. So, which data recovery software should a PC user use to recover hard drive data?

This article will suggest the best data recovery software to recover your hard drive data after window formatting in 2022.

iTop Data Recovery

iTop Data Recovery is one of the powerful recovery tools with advanced features. With the help of top data recovery, you can easily recover formatted drive data and lost partition

If you immediately start the process, you can recover all files stored on formatted hard drives. You can recover the files if you have an auto-data backup. It is the new feature of iTop Data Recovery.  If you schedule, the backup will be done automatically.

Moreover, iTop Data Recovery enables you to preview deleted, corrupted, inaccessible data, photos, audio, and videos files for free. It can also inform you about your file’s status, whether it is excellent, good, or poor. Thus, this feature ensures you a precise or smooth data recovery experience.

Here are some advance features of iTop Data Recovery

  • Fast recovery

The top quality of the iTop Data Recovery tool is its recovery speed. It is the fattest data recovery tool that does not take much time to scan and recover files. It shows you results in less than 2 minutes.

  • Success rate

The plus point of this recovery tool is that its data recovery rate is up to 95 percent. It means it recovers almost all deleted files successfully. But other software data recovery success rates are not high.

  • Recover data from any data loss situation

There are many causes of data loss. The rate of damage also varies. Many people have gone through a hard drive crash, a hard drive formatting, malware, virus, etc. Stop recovery can handle these conditions effectively. You can easily recover the files without any hurdles or limitations. It does support more than 1000 different file formats. It can recover files on hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and SSD.

In addition to that, it can recover those files on hard drives that are not even detected.

How to recover hard drive data with the iTop Data Recovery tool?

The iTop Data recovery tool is the simplest tool that helps to recover data without complications. Its data recovery method is so easy and fast. If you want to recover your lost hard drive data, here is a step by step guide for you to restore formatted hard drive .

Step 1: Download iTop Data Recovery

For recovering hard drive deleted or lost data, download the iTop Data Recovery software and install it on your PC. After downloading the step-up, go to the downloads or other folder where you downloaded iTop Data Recovery software and launch this application.

Step 2: start scanning.

After launching the software, you will reach the software interface; now select your hard drive and file type which you want to recover if your target is to recover complete data, mark all the filetype options and tap on scanning. The scanning process will take a short time to find hard drive data.

Step 3: recover files.

When the scanning process will be completed, it will show you all the recovered hard drive data. Here you can preview your recovered data and restore your data in one click. Tap on select all and restore your hard drive data fastly. 

If you want to restore just selected files, only choose those files and restore them easily.


It is a fact that it’s hard to recover hard drive data because no computer or PC has an inbuilt system to recover lost data. For recovering hard drive data, you need high-efficiency software. You can search for software online, but the iTop Data Recovery tool is a highly recommended tool for hard drive data recovery.


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