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How to Record Videos with Built-in Audio, Webcam, and Annotation

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Some modern problems requirea modern solution, with that being said, if you’re stuck in a problem with your system activity or whether it’s a tip of the iceberg problem that requires live maintenance. Oftentimes, you want to brief suchan issue you’ve just encountered to the skilled professionals. Well, What you can do with screen recording software is afull demonstration. You can eventually add your full customizations to the recordings with your desired features.

Nevertheless, without worrying anymore, you can now perhaps find a better solution for all your recording problems. That can provide you the solution so you can assign a task to your student and record a GIF for your blog articles, all of this is interlinked with a single screen recorder with a webcam toolkit that should have some advanced-level features that made these tasks so easy to accomplish without you being worry about the results. If you want to learn more about how a single toolkit can be able to perform all these functionalities, then stick with us to find out more.

A Perfect Solution for Your Organization

Referring to the best solution available in the market, we’re here with the most intuitive application namely Wondershare DemoCreator. A collective solution to all your interlinked solution to numerous problems. The reason we’re terming it as a collective solution is its feature-rich functionalities that empower you to perform anything related to your screen recording as well as video editing tasks. DemoCreator screen recorder with facecam has made it easy for beginners as well because it has a user-friendly interface where a newer can easily hold the grip on some advanced-level tasks.

Key Highlights of Utilizing DemoCreator for Corporate Needs

  1. Record Your Screen in Video or GIF Format

    With DemoCreator, you can record 4K/Ultra-HD videos in any specified format including GIF format with full customizations to your recorded screen area. If you’ve got more than one display, you can choose which screen you want to record with a single click as follows:

    You can also accelerate the speed of your recorded content after the recording has been done, for people to quickly get your point and after that, you can export your file to GIF format as shown below:

  2. Record Webcam and Personalize Your Video

    As you know, videos with the sound of the speaker are more engaging and eye-catchy enough to attain the highest customer satisfaction. That’s why, out of many reasons, online collaboration seems to be tedious for users because it seems to lack the magic of human interaction and interlinking with the recording content. Here’s the kicker as you can use DemoCreator software to perform the recording with full human interaction. You can fully customize your recording screen well-accordingly.

    What’s more, as soon as you’ve stopped recording your screen, you can fit the size of the webcam video to the proper size by adjusting the webcam clip within the timeline. You can also preview the edited clip inside the preview window to make sure the best fit of the webcam window. 
  3. Use Screen Recorder with Audio to Record Voiceover

    With DemoCreator, you can record your screen with a voiceover of your own. All you need to do is to enable the audio source inside the customizable interface of the screen recorder.

    Furthermore, you can add your system built-in sound in addition to your microphone audio source by enabling both the options at the same time.
  4. Draw on Screen and Make Better Videos and Demos

    Mean while, during the real-time recording of your screen with audio, you can draw on your screen with numerous features and your desired text to add emphasis on certain parts during recording. All you need to do is enable the screen drawing tool from the recording interface and start using the feature-rich functionalities as follows:

  5. Instant Export and sharing

    If you think recording your screen recording with DemoCreator meet all of your desired recording functionalities and you don’t want to do more editing.Then you can choose the Fast Export your video from the DemoCreator editor import section as shown below.

    Additionally, if you want to polish your recorded content further. Worry not! DemoCreator is there for you to ease your post-production dilemma handily.

    Lastly, you can also do a direct hit to your YouTube channel with DemoCreator’s directly sharing to the YouTube platform. For that, you need to login to your YouTube channel inside the DemoCreator application and then hit the direct share button.

What Makes DemoCreator a Better Choice

As explained clearly the screen recording software DemoCreator can enhance your creativity to the fullest extent. You can eventually add the powerful annotation effects when recording as well as in the post-production tenure. This all-in-one screen recording and video editing software enables you to embark upon your first project with super-handy tips and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to utilize the feature well-accordingly.

With that being said, after a pile of advanced-level functionalities, you can have everything summed up with a single screen recorder with a webcam DemoCreator application that has unique compatibility for both Windows and Mac users. All you need to do is visit the above-mentioned links and download and install it for our betterment in the video-related requirements. You can try it out for free and learn it even better without having any investments.


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