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How  To Put On A Successful Theater Production 

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Do you dream of one day producing a play? Have you started looking at various theater production resources to learn how to get started? What does it take to have a successful theatre production? How do you make good use of the information that you get from different theater production resources to achieve great results?For a lot of young producers, producing a play for the first time is a big challenge. Below are some important tips for you as you embark on your first theater production:

Picking a show

Working on a theater production can take several months, and it will require a lot from you physically, mentally, emotionally, and even financially. Because of that, you should pick a show that you love. If you are working hard on something that you are passionate about, you will feel that all the time, effort, and money you spend on it is worth it.

Choosing people to work with

You will need several people to help you get your first theater production running. From start to finish, you will rely on them for various important aspects of producing a play that people will enjoy watching. Examples of jobs that usually make up a theater production team are producers, directors, choreographers, music directors, general managers, costume designers, set designers, lighting designers, sound mixers, prop designers, production stage managers, electricians, carpenters, and technical directors.


Together with your theater production team, you should make decisions regarding all the aspects of putting on the play. Schedule one-on-one and group meetings to hear everyone’s ideas. Take note of each person’s thoughts and opinions, discuss pros and cons, and select the ideas that will make the production a success. Brainstorming sessions are a great way to gather the team members’ ideas and get everyone on the same page.

Setting up the audition process

To find the best actors for your play. You have to be specific about what you are looking for when posting audition notices. If there is a particular acting style that you prefer. Choose short excerpts and dialogues that the audition candidates can do to showcase their abilities. And if you also need them to be able to sing. State if you have a particular song in mind that you want to hear when they audition.

Running the rehearsals

Have an audition space that allows everyone in the team to do their jobs properly. Prepare enough chairs for the actors and production team, have storage spaces for people’s belongings, and provide water and snacks. By having a tidy and comfortable space, everybody can easily rehearse for several hours a day.

Producing a play in Chicago

If you are in Chicago and need help producing a play. Chicago offers a wide variety of resources to help you get your foot in the door. The city is home to some of the best theater production companies. That you can reach out to for help producing a play. Chicago is where you can find the award-winning Steppenwolf Theater. Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Goodman Theater, Lookingglass Theater, Victory Gardens Theater, and more.


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