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How to Provide a Safe and Enjoyable Desert Safari Experience in Dubai?

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Dubai and desert safari are like two sides of a coin. A trip to Dubai without an enjoyable safari in the desert means missing the most exciting part of the trip. However, the critical part of the trip is finding an advisor who can provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

A common term for desert safari is Dune bashing which means taking a ride through the sand. However, travellers often have many queries regarding the excursion, for example, the type of packages, safety measures, tour hours, desert safari Dubai cost per person, etc. In this article, you will get all the information.

Available Safari Types

Visitors know pretty well about the safaris in Dubai. However, one thing is essential for visitors to know before booking their safari with any local tour guide. A reliable tour guide always offers multiple packages, and you can choose whichever package matches your preferences. Here are some of the most popular desert safari Dubai 2020 types written below

  • Hummer Desert Safari
  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Dubai Desert Safari by Bus Pickup
  • Camel Ride Dubai
  • Luxury Desert Safari
  • Overnight Desert Safari
  • Morning Desert Safari with Quad Bike
  • Red Dune bashing desert safari
  • Private desert safari
  • Desert Safari with Dune buggy

These packages include various fun activities, entertaining shows, learning about Arabian culture, and stopping by the famous Arabian delicacies. Safety is a common concern for all visitors, especially when they have an older person or child. However, here you get special care for your family members during your safari and ensure the safety of everyone while having fun regardless of age.

Each type of safari holds something unique to amaze the tourists, whether it’s the morning safari when you can feel the calmness of sands or the red sand before the sunset. Naturally, the desert safari price will differ based on the packages. You get various time options, vehicle options to choose from, as per your preferences.

Tour in a Minute – Safe and Fun

Knowing the various options for the safari in the deserts of Dubai is not enough information to feel safe during the tour. It’s the responsibility of a reliable travel partner to keep everything transparent to their visitors. Visitors might schedule their safari package based on multiple facts

Tour in a minute suggests an overview of the excursion. From picking up visitors for the excursion to ensure their entertainment throughout the journey and finally dropping them, tour guides follow strict safety standards.

Safe Pick-Up

Firstly, keeping the visitor’s safety a priority, a well-experienced driver with a legal license to drive will pick you up from your location. The time of pick-up will vary based on the package you select. Once you get into a 4×4 vehicle, relax in the comfortable air-conditioned environment to enjoy a memorable tour in sands.

Fun Activities During the Excursion

For the activities in the safari, there is plenty of options for everyone. The best part is youngsters, and older people and kids can enjoy many activities maintaining proper safety. Here are some of the popular fun activities during a safari

a. Camel rides

Enjoying your ride through the sands and not riding a camel is a waste of the tour. Camel ride is a massive part of Arabian culture rather than the desert culture. You will get to ride camels once you reach the desert camp in the middle of the desert on top of dunes.

b. Dune bashing

It is the most thrilling activity on the top of lush dunes. The powerful ride will make you cheer the speed and power. But the skilled drivers will ensure your safety throughout the ride.

c. Photographs in desert

Visitors get a short break for a quick photo session during the sunset in the desert. Moreover, it is one of the best moments in the desert to enjoy the evenings. Taking Sunset photographs in the desert is a lifelong memory. On the other hand, you can enjoy the Arabian culture as you wear traditional Arabian attire. Take photos with your loved ones in such costumes

d. Tribal hospitality

Once you reach one of the camps of Bedouin tribes, their hospitality will amaze you. They will welcome you with their traditional coffee kahwa, the famous sweet Gaymat, and many more beverages.

End of excursion The same driver will drop you at your location safely at the end of the tour.

Bottom Line

Desert safari in Dubai includes more activities such as shisha, holding a falcon, visiting local Arabian exhibition stalls, Henna tattoos, international buffet dinner, Egyptian folk dance, etc. Therefore, it’s essential to book your services with the best guides for an excellent excursion.


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