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How to Protect Your Roof from a Hurricane

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Do you live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Then, you know how traumatic can be to experience a hurricane. All those who have lived in hurricane-prone areas have felt the sense of danger that strong winds and rain produce.

Your whole house’s structure is put to the test under conditions like these. However, your roof is the part of your home that must resist most of the harsh impact of a hurricane.

In consequence, every homeowner living in areas like these should know how to protect his home when hurricanes arrive. Prevention will be the key and your best defense in these situations.

Therefore, we’ll give you some tips to help you keep your roof and your home safe.

Roof Inspection

Inspecting the condition of your roof before hurricane season arrives is fundamental. Do not ignore roofing issues like missing tiles or shingles. Repair these types of problems promptly since these can compromise your roof integrity during a hurricane. With only a single missing tile, the rest of your home will be exposed to water damage.

What should you do? Call a professional roofer to replace properly any loose tile or shingle. Also, make sure your best attic insulation thoroughly your roofing system, including detecting and replacing rusted or cracked flashing.

You should pay attention and make repairing any wear and tear signs.

Even typical rain can make to have a hard time to a damaged roof. Imagine what a hurricane can do to roofs like this.

Besides, don’t forget about your gutters. The amount of rainwater your gutters will have to drain during a hurricane or a strong storm is huge. Hence, even a little clog may cause the overall failure of your draining system. Also, strong winds can detach gutters and downspouts.

A failing drainage system will cause water pools in your roof, and these will lead to roof leaks.

Regarding your gutters, we advise that you frequently clean your gutters and eliminate any blockage.

Attic Maintenance

All your roofing systems need to be in good shape to face a hurricane. It includes your attic. Look for peeled paint, damp wood, and mold over there. These are the most evident red flags indicating if water is infiltrating your roof.

Moreover, make sure that your roof ventilation system works correctly to prevent it from breaking down during a storm.

Yard Preparations

Finally, but not least important, check your yard to ensure there are no objects or debris that winds can make fly away. These objects can hit your house or your roof, causing damage. So, put everything not- bolted or not fixed to the ground inside your home.

There’s another important aspect to remind:

Trim your trees!

If there are trees around your home, dead or hanging branches are a grave threat to your roof. Flying branches thrown by strong winds can cause great damage to your house.

Conclusion: Consider Going Pro

A hurricane is nature’s powerful force that has no mercy. It can change the life of all those living in areas like Florida.

However, the wisest decision you can make is to prepare for the worst. Regular and proper maintenance will be essentials to protect your home and family.

In this sense, contacting a reputable and professional local roofing company like Roof Crafters is a smart move. Our team of roofing specialists is the best in the region. With their vast experience as roofers in Florida, they know how to prepare your home to face hurricanes. Besides, you can take advantage of our high-quality services at affordable prices. Let’s show you why hurricanes hate us — go pro with Roof Crafters.


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