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How to protect Moroccan Beni Ourain rug from dust and damage

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Although Berber rug is a masterpiece created in Morocco, they need proper management and care. Otherwise, their life span, quality, and appearance will be greatly reduced. All the things in our use and in our environment need to be managed and cleaned.

In this article some of the protective measures will be discussed for preventing the damage to the rugs by dust.

  • Prevention

Prevention is always a perfect cure and various problems can be avoided by using preventive measures. The Moroccan rugs should be kept safe from dirt and other kinds of related media. While we are opening doors, and windows and the dust particles are entering the room, they are eventually settled on the floor and on the rugs. Other than this the dirt on the rugs is also accumulated and absorbed from the feet and shoes.

The dirt causes the shedding of rugs fibers on the micro-level and causes degeneration of rugs with the passage of time. If the dirt is left in the rug for a longer time, then it gets embedded in the rug and causes an exponential increase in the damage, so the entry of dirt to the rugs should be avoided.

  • Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning can greatly help to minimize the damage caused to the rugs due to dirt. One of the easiest ways is to clean the rug by using any paper towel, and the rug should also be taken outside and should be cleaned by giving jerks. This shaking is an excellent way to clean dirt from the rugs and the life of the rug can be enhanced by many years. Prevent the spills on the rugs, and if there is any spillage then clean it immediately.

  • Use of Vacuum Cleaners

The rugs can also be cleaned by using vacuum cleaners and the cleaning should be performed in the side-to-side direction. This can turn out to be much more effective than simple shaking. A combination of both these techniques is an ideal practice to clean the precious Beni Ourain rugs.

  • Use of Dirt Pads

It is a fact that small dust particles are unavoidable and in such situations the use of good quality and efficient pad is an ideal practice. Rug pads act as cushions and they can greatly prevent the problem of slipping on the rugs. Moreover, they also reduce the friction between the bottom and surface of the rug so they are essentially helpful to prevent the problem of wear and tear over time.

  • Things to Avoid for Protecting Beni Ourain Rugs from Damage

There should not be any use of potentially harmful chemical detergent for washing these precious rugs. They can cause great damage to the rugs and quality will be negatively affected. Use of vacuum with rotating brushes and beater bar should be avoided as it may lead to shredding, tearing, and fuzzing.

The use of hot water for washing and cleaning should also be avoided as it may cause the fading of the rug’s color.

The above guide will help you to protect your Moroccan rug in a good way


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