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How to Properly Care for a Sheepskin Jacket

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So you’re looking for a new fur coat. The fact that the weather is getting much warmer really doesn’t matter that much, considering the off season for fur coats is the best time to buy a new one. But, we won’t get into the details on that. You’re looking for a new fur coat. Let’s say you have a few in your closet already, so you’re familiar with how the whole process works. Let’s also say that within your collection of furs, you’ve got a nice variety of different fur coats. Most commonly, people will have furs like rabbit, mink, coyote, or fox coats.

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However, this time, you want to get something a little different. You want a new fur coat that will stand out from the crowd and really make a fashion statement. A fur coat that is different from any other coat that you now have in your closet.

If you haven’t heard of this type of coat before, you definitely will need to learn more about it. Sheepskin is a great option for something looking for the nontraditional type of fur coat. If you’re unfamiliar with what sheepskin is and how it can look on a coat or jacket, let’s break it down.

So, sheepskin is the hide of the sheep. Often, you’ll hear sheepskin and shearling used interchangeably, but they are actually quite different. Occasionally also called a lambskin, sheepskin is the actual hide of the sheep that is tanned with the fleece intact.

It can also be considered a pelt as opposed to a fur. It’s different from many other types of fur coats because traditionally the fur on most fur coats is taken off of the animal and made into a coat.

Sheepskin has the fur still attached to the hide. The difference between shearling and sheepskin is that shearling is the tanning and condition of lamb hide, not sheep hide. Sheepskin and shearling also look different and have a different feel to them.

Now that you know the differences between sheepskin and shearling, let’s focus on the sheepskin jacket as a whole. Sheepskin coats are naturally water resistant and provide immense protection from harsh cold weather. These coats are ideal for climates that are very snowy, rainy, and cold during the winter months. Sheepskin coats and jackets are incredibly durable and with the proper care can last for many, many years.

How To Take Care of a Sheepskin Jacket

As mentioned above, sheepskin holds up very well in extreme weather conditions such as snow and rain. This makes these coats very suitable for climates that are very wet and cold. Even though they are water resistant and highly durable, these coats need proper maintaianec and care to ensure they reach their fullest potential.

While these coats can last a long time, proper care will allow them to last much longer and hold their integrity. Whenever you’re not actively wearing your sheepskin coat, make sure to store it in a breathable and aerated garment bag. Improper air flow can cause discoloration and potential damage to the pelt.

While these coats are waterresistant, they shouldn’t be completely drenched in rain or snow. After it gets slightly wet, shake off the excess water, pat the wet parts dry, and hang the coat in a room temperature space. Never apply direct heat to the coat, as it can also damage the pelt.

Now that you know how to properly take care of a sheepskin jacket, it’s’ time for you to get your hands on one. Check out the selection from Maximilian today.

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