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How To Promote Your New Online Business Without Having Much Knowledge in Digital Marketing

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There is a tie between technology and the internet; it would be utterly naïve to hope that one would be able to make strides in the business world without taking a proactive digital marketing approach. Around the world, up to 378.16 billion US dollars was used just in 2020 for digital advertising.

With around 2.14 billion digital buyers worldwide, it is smart to provide your business with digital marketing avenues to succeed. However, this can get quite intimidating for beginners. Down below are some easy ways to promote your new online business even if you don’t have much knowledge of digital marketing.

1.    Social Media

Start by making as much use of social media as possible. This is one digital marketing tool that you don’t necessarily have to pay for to put your product or business out in the world. 

As your business gets a kickstart from exposure through social media platforms, one can invest in it through ads and offers to entice customers. From Facebook and LinkedIn to market places like WOOWHO Network, you a channel these platforms to promote your business and connect with potential clients.  

2.    Blogging

Another easy way to attain exposure for your business is by creating a blog. However, there is a catch here. Creating blogs isn’t where your job ends. It is the responsibility of every business owner to either handle the blog themselves or get external help for it.

Your blog is the perfect place to promote your business and connect with potential customers/clients. But this can only be possible if your site is constantly updated and frequently used.  No one likes an abandoned site.

3.    SEO Optimization

SEO optimization might seem intimidating on the surface, but all it requires is a bit of research, and you’re good to go. Try out the free keyword search tools on the internet and get the hang of the keywords that your competitors are using.

Use the keywords to optimize your company website. The more accurately your incorporate keywords in your content and your website, the more chances you have of getting ranked higher on search engines. After all, there is no better way to attract customers than getting ranked in the top sites on Google.

4.    Groups and Communities

The best thing about this tip for exposure is that you can have fun while you’re working. Creating groups and communities or joining them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Reddit can help with ideas. Ensure that you don’t spam the groups with ads and offers, and you will find yourself in a welcoming circle. Participate in these groups, make friends that can turn into connections when the time comes.

All in all, digital marketing is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Start small, take baby steps such as blogging, or getting listed on WOOWHO Network, etc., and then you can notch up the amount of time and money you invest in these marketing tactics.


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