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How to prevent Geese excrement in Yards or Commercial Property?

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Having a great variety of birds walking around in your yard may seem appealing as it enhances the view and gives the feeling of being close to nature but soon this landscape may turn into a nightmare for you. Wild birds like Geese are in search of a place to nest in the spring season and if you see it hanging around in your yard it might seem beautiful in the beginning but the joy soon fades away when you realize that it has chosen your property to nest for the season. This is because Geese tend to overstay their welcome and create a nuisance in one’s yard or commercial property. That is the reason geese management is extremely necessary.

While you may appreciate having such birds over in your yard, you won’t appreciate the droppings these creatures leave behind. Geese eat a lot and naturally it poops a lot!

Geese droppings are not just gross but are quite harmful to you and your loved ones. Geese poop can harbor certain parasites, E.coli, and potentially dangerous pathogens. These potential risks must be inhaled or ingested to cause serious illnesses. This means that you might not be in direct danger but contamination around the water and the areas where children play may pose a serious threat to your health.

Hence, Geese removal services are essential to prevent you and your family from disease-causing pathogens released from Geese excreta. Look at these basic steps to prevent Geese from overstaying on your property.

1.    Act Quickly

The moment you see a flock of these wild birds hanging around in your yards, you have to resist the urge to feed it and quickly create a plan to get rid of it. These birds usually show up in the spring season and are mostly looking for a place to nest for the entire season. The worst thing you can do is, make it feel welcome on your property.

2.    Use Visual Decoys

Geese have a variety of natural predators which they have no desire to nest beside. Visual decoys like balloons, predators, dead geese decoys, scarecrows, and lasers, etc. affect the Geese. You have to keep moving these decoys around so that these wild birds don’t get familiar with them. Balloon decoys, in particular, give an illusion of movement to the Geese which prevents them from nesting in that particular area.

3.    Erect Fences

If you have a pond on your property then the Geese would be more than happy to hang around near it. Putting up a fence may help you prevent Geese from entering the areas it is attached to. You can also put up a wire strand around your pond or yard, it will be more than enough to keep the Geese away. Especially wire strands made out of reflective materials may prove to be more effective.

4.    Use Bird Repellent

If you wish to avoid erecting fences on your property then a bird repellent may be your best bet. It can be simply sprayed or fogged on surfaces to keep such nuisance birds from foraging. Spray repellent is a non-toxic, food-grade substance that acts as an irritant for birds. An application can last up to 2 weeks but it must be reapplied after heavy rainfall or mowing the yard.

5.    Use Lights and Sounds

You may not always be there to look after your yard or commercial property, that is why you need to have a plan to keep the irritable Geese away from your property. Audio deterrents use frightening sounds to scare off the birds from your property. These work best when targeted towards a specific bird behavior.


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