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How to Play any mkv Movies on iPad without iTunes

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The iPad holds the functionality of a decent computer and they are perfect for video playback. The recent introduction of the new apple updates and iPad upgrades such as iPad Pro 2021, iPad Air 2020, and iPad mini 6 have provided a wider screen making the video experience better, this is why we all need a super-easy way to sync our movies and favorite videos to the iPad without using iTunes

Playing mkv video files on an iPad or any mobile Apple product such as the iPhone and iPod is one of the many limitations of the IOS world. Most Apple users have been dependent on third-party apps from the app store for over half a decade because they don’t know how to play mkv on iPad and iPhones.

Unfortunately, Apple has made the mkv format officially not compatible, this means an mkv movie cannot play on an iPad, at least without help; and by help, I mean third-party applications like the VLC app. This takes away the convenience and hightened experience that all apple users get from using the native Apple video app, this sucks.

This means you can have several mkv files and mkv videos on your computer and you won’t be able to conveniently transfer them to your iPad because your iPad won’t support this format, this makes playing any movie or mkv videos barely feasible.

Most movies and series are download in mkv formats on pc and you’ll need a way to transfer them to your iPad since Apple does not support mkv videos. Ever tried to sync an MKV or AVI folder with iTunes? Doesn’t work at all, it keeps bringing out those annoying “file not supported” pop-ups.

This is why most people use a video converter and go through tiring conversion processes to convert movie files to mp4 before they can watch them on their iPads.

If you’re looking for ways to transfer and watch mkv video files on iPad using the native video media player without syncing via iTunes or streaming Mkv video files with a third-party software like vlc app or any other media player from the app store, it’s pretty simple.

Here at Softorino lab, we’ve made this very easy for you, rather than go through the stress of converting Mkv video files to other formats.

Say your goodbyes to downloading media players before you can watch mkv movies. WALTR PRO is the app to use when you want to transfer any video file to your iPad or any other handled apple device.

Video formats officially supported on iPad

Most of the video formats are natively supported on the iPad and these include:

  • MP4
  • M4V
  • MOV
  • MPEG-4
  • H.264
  • M-JPEG

All these formats play by default on the iPad’s native video player app. The video format developed by Apple to support their products is the M4V, mp4 formats also play smoothly without needing any video converter.

Most of the other formats that the iPad support have limitations; MPEG-4 videos are limited to 640 by 380-pixel resolution at 30 frames per second, and H.264 videos are limited to 1080 pixels and 30 frames per second. Any video that exceeds the limitations will not function properly on the iPad

Video formats not supported by the iPad

The iPad not only does not support mkv formats, but it also doesn’t support

  • FLV
  • AVI
  • WMV

If you wish to transfer these formats or play them on your iPad, you’ll need a video converter to convert them to compatible formats before you can transfer them to your IOS device or need third-party apps like VLC to access these videos.

Why go through all this trouble of using a converter, WALTR PRO can conveniently help you play videos on your native video app, all you have to do is drag and drop the video from your computer to the app and it automatically converts it to a playable format and the best part is that the software is compatible with both mac and windows.

The Native way to play MKV movies on iPad with WALTR PRO

WALTR PRO is the software that has HACKED iTunes, it has surpassed all the barriers we experience when trying to sync movies, songs, videos, and even files. The app has unique features that make the transfer of any mkv folder to your iPad so easy, the app is also user-friendly and very easy to navigate.

Pay attention to the steps below and let me guide you on how to transfer your mkv movies to your iPad

1: Download WALTR PRO and Install it

First, you have to download WALTR PRO to your computer.Once you download the free software, launch and follow the simple installation process.

You can use the app for 24hrs if you don’t have a licensing key yet

Step 2: Launch the app ON YOUR WINDOWS/MAC and connect your iPad VIA USB CABLE

Once you’re done with step 1, use your regular USB cable to connect your iPad to your computer and launch the app.

The app will automatically recognize your device and prompt a drop-zone where you can drop your mkv files

Step 3: Drag and drop your movie into WALTR PRO

Now all you have to do is locate your mkv files on your windows or mac and drag them to the drop zone on your WALTR PRO app.

You can also decide to drag and drop multiple files at the same time

Just sit back for a few seconds and wait for your files to be synced to your iPad

WALTR PRO will automatically pick the best settings and best quality for your mkv files and sync them directly to your native video media player and in a few moment your transfer is done

You can also edit the metadata of the mkv file you want to transfer by holding down the ctrl button on your PC when the file is in the drop zone.

It opens an interface where you can edit the files you wish to sync.

Step 4: Open the native video media player on your iPad

WALT PRO will automatically convert your movie, just tap the icon of the native video application on your iPad or iPhone and enjoy your movie.

As you can see below ,if you’ve followed step 1 , Step 2 , and Step 3 correctly,the movie plays smoothly


If you wish to play your mkv video file with an alternative video player already installed on your iPad such as VLC . All you need to do is hold down the alt button on your PC and select the app icon you wish to push the mkv folder

As you can see, I have the VLC app installed and if I wish to transfer the mkv video to it,all I need to do is select it and the file is automatically pushed to the app on my iPad

Wait a few seconds as well and your mkv file will be transfer to your VLC

Note: You must have enough storage space on your iPad. If you don’t an error message pops up and you’ll be require to free up the required space


The unique features  of the WALTR PRO app have made syncing any file to your ios device without iTunes very easy

Features of WALTR PRO Software

  1. It supports a wide variety of music and video formats, so you can drop any file of your choice and it syncs into your IOS device automatically
  2. WALTR PRO supports all the new versions of the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and all the IOS updates as well
  3. The drag and drop mechanism is very easy to use, trust me, it can’t get better than this.
  4. It bypasses all the limitations of syncing with iTunes
  5. You don’t need to be connect to the internet to use the app. The software can be conveniently accessed offline
  6. Any mkv file format dragged into the app to be synced appears on the native video media player
  7. You can use WALTR PRO to transfer any format of video to your iPad,iPhone or iPod
  8. The software is both support on mac and windows You can use WALTR PRO to push music and videos to other media players installed on your PC as well.
  9. Unlike the iTunes, WALTR does not compress files  or reduce the high frame rate and video resolution
  10. The software is free,very stable and in case you run into any trouble, our customer care service is available 24/7 to all our users.

In Conclusion

MKV formats are the most commonly available video formats and a higher percentage of IOS users have issues syncing this format to their iPhones or iPads. And regardless of the incompatibility of the mkv movie format, it is still the most common movie format.

WALTR PRO has simplified syncing the mkv file format and other formats as well into your iPad.So you don’t have to worry about whatever video format you have on your mac/pc anymore.

Just download our free software and enjoy your movies on your iPad.


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