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How to Plan a Road Trip

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Choose Destination

The first thing while planning for your road trip is to research the destinations.  The location which you are opting to travel to. You can explore places online on Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and different travel blogs. Instagram is all about pictures which can give you a direct insight into how the place looks like when you search it by using a hashtag. You can put up a road trip hashtag with the country/city name like #dubairoadtrips or #UAEroadtrip.

Once the research is done, set up a time and budget your travel. Decide how much are you going to stay, how much are you going to spend, where will you spend a night and plan the attractions you will see each day.

If it’s the first time you’re going on a road trip, it’s better to not go so far from where you live. You can maybe travel to a city which is a few hours away and then go back home on the same day. But if you are someone for whom a road trip is not new, you should explore places far away and maybe plan for a cool and cosy stay.

Choose the route as well before you leave for your trip. You can use a map on the internet.

Pack Less

Pack less! Yes, this is what you do when going on travel. As fun as travel seems, it becomes stressful for people who pack so much because all they do is look after their stuff most of the time.

Be it a road trip or a 5-day vacation, you don’t want to stress out looking after and carrying your heavy bags while you navigate to a new place. Packing light is the greatest gift you can give yourself and believe me, you will thank yourself for packing light.

With packing less, how to pack smartly is another thing which you can look up on the internet. A lot of times, we pack stuff the wrong way and then end up running out of space. Researching how to pack for your road trip can save you a lot of time.

Research Food Places, gas stations and Scenic Views on the Way

Now you don’t want to get bored while you are on your way to your destination. If you’re going somewhere which is 4-8 hours away from your home, you would want to stop to eat, to enjoy the scenic views passing by or stop by a gas station to fill up the fuel tank. Before getting on your trip, research these things beforehand to eliminate any hassle during travel. Research the food places along the way where you should eat, the picturesque views where you should stop and take pictures and the gas stations or auto service stations to get your vehicle checked from time to time.

Choose Your Vehicle and Have a Spare Tyre

Not all vehicles are for road trips. Cars with good gas mileage work best for road trips like crossover SUVs or minivans if you are travelling with your friends or family. Large SUVs, trucks and vans are a bad choice to travel with, for a road trip with the family. Crossover SUV is an amazing choice since it is comfortable and has a lot of room for the passengers and you need that while you are on a road trip because you spend most time inside the vehicle.

Other than this, while travelling on long hour trips, don’t forget to keep a spare tyre. Forgetting to keep a spare tyre is a grave mistake which you will do so make sure to keep a spare tyre. It will save you and your time in searching for the tyre shop while you are helpless. Spare tyres are a lifesaver and are invaluable during emergencies. You can search for tyres in Dubai and buy one online without any hassle.

Book Your Stay

If you are planning for a night stay on your trip, research beforehand and book where you are going to stay according to your needs, wants and budget. Other than this, book some fun activities too. See where you are going and if there are fun things to do nearby while you take the tour.


Once the research for the stops, looking for food places, packing, choosing your car and booking your stay is done, download your favorite songs, tune-up and get on to your fun-filled trip.


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