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How to Perform Website Test Automation

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Getting a website to show the online presence of your business or service is not enough. You have to ensure its smooth and steady functioning so that the users and your target audience do not face any hurdle in the process. For that, doing proper website or software testing is more than critical, and a single test may not be enough to identify and resolve potential issues of the website. Website test automation is the practice that can help you automate the tests and repetitive human tasks for the sake of improving website performance. You can use web test automation to ensure your website will pass through numerous automated tests, which will highlight the potential issues and provide support in their amendment.

Dig deeper into this article to explore and learn how you can perform website test automation.

Top 7 Steps to Do Website Test Automation

Manual testing is a critical part of the process of website development. However, during the process, the developers have to repeat numerous browser actions, which complicate the process needlessly. Website test automation takes care of these repetitive tasks by automating the tests and help the developer ensure the efficiency, better performance, and smooth functioning of the website.

Here are some of the major steps you can follow to do website test automation.

Pick Right Automation Tools

The first and foremost step to accomplish automation is picking the right web automation tool. Numerous types of automation tools are available online; however, picking anyone randomly will not serve your purpose. It requires skills, and expertise in the field to pick the right tool, which makes many organizations contact a web development company in Dubai. So let them take care of the development and testing process, only to get a functional website.

Specify Automation Scope

One of the basic steps that you should never forget in website test automation is specifying the automation scope. In other words, make sure to specify the purpose of automation so that you are able to achieve your specific goal and objective. The automation scope can be focused on regression testing, performance testing, and load testing, and even cross-browser testing.

Create Instances

The next step in the process of website test automation is creating instances. It means creating an interface test script. This should be done according to a specific browser. If you fail to do that, you might as well fail to achieve what is intended. So, make sure to pay attention or consult experts if you are unsure of your skills and expertise. But refrain from committing mistakes.

Navigate To Specific Webpages

After selecting the right tool, specifying the scope, and creating instances, the next step is navigating to specific web pages. It means that you need to navigate the test to the specific web page that needs to be tested.

Perform Actions on HTML Elements

The next and most critical step in the process of website test automation is performing actions on the HTML elements. However, there is another important task before it, and that is locating the specific web elements on the web pages. Once you have identified these elements, you can perform actions on the HTML elements. You can enter text, click buttons, clear the text field, and utilize other similar actions to complete the test.

Anticipate Browser Response

One of the most crucial steps in the website test automation process is anticipating the browser response. It means that once you have applied other tests, actions and followed the process, you need to wait for the responses of the webs browser. If the response is according to your expectation, you can proceed with the process; however, if there is some problem, you might need to repeat the steps.

Terminate the Test

The last step in the automation process is terminating the test. It means that you should conclude the test by quitting once all the test cases are executed. It will close all the active browser pages and terminate them. The result will be a functional website which had been tested against numerous browsers. If you lack the technical expertise, do not test your skills and hire spiralclick.com and let them take care of the rest.

Implement website test automation to ensure smooth functioning!

If you launch your website without proper testing, there are chances you will lose web traffic even before securing loyal traffic. So, do not take the risk or put in half effort, but implement website test automation and ensure the proper functioning of your website. Get in touch with experts to take care of all the technical details so you only get a perfectly functional website that attracts heavy user traffic.


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