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How to Pass the MOT Test Easily

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The primary testing parameters are emission and safety. Also, a pass certificate is mandatory for legal driving in the UK.If you fail to produce a pass certificate, points will be added to your license, adding up to a hefty fine, and your renewal application won’t be processed quickly. Also, the car insurance will be in effect once you get a pass certificate. Since the certificate is valid only for one year, MOT is an annual exam.

A routine MOT test lasts up to 45-50 minutes. However, if the examiner comes across any serious issue, he will send the vehicle for immediate repairs and retest it once it returns. This process can take up a few hours, but it’s worth it because you will get your pass certificate.

The MOT doesn’t check the performance, engine, clutch, or gearbox situation. Therefore, if you keep your vehicle up to date with the servicing and maintenance, you will pass this test easily. Now that the basics are straightforward read this article further to pass the MOT test easily.

Check the tires

Tires are crucial to a vehicle’s safety and emission, so they must be pristine to pass the MOT Leeds. For this reason, ensure that the tire pressure is at the recommended level. The recommended tire pressure for a vehicle is given in the owner’s manual and mentioned on the driver’s door. Additionally, the tread depth must be at least 1.6 mm. Therefore, take the penny test and see if it is barely visible.

Check the visibility

The windscreen is the primary component that determines the driver’s road visibility. Therefore, clean your windscreen thoroughly and ensure it is free of spots and cracks. Although, if the windshield has a gap wider than 1 cm, it must be replaced.

Wipers and screen washers also play a significant role in the windscreen’s cleanliness. The wipers must be clean and calibrated according to the screen’s width and length. Also, the washer must be fully recharged and function optimally with the wipers. Finally, both these components must be responsive to the driver controls.

Check the brake fluids.

The brakes are one of the significant drivers of on-road safety and high-speed emissions. Therefore, to reduce the friction between tires Leeds and brakes and improve responsiveness, the brakes must be well lubricated. For this reason, ensure that the brake fluids are entirely recharged. Next, open the bonnet and locate the master cylinder; you will see the brake fluid chamber near the cylinder. The fluid level should be between the minimum and maximum markings.

Check the lights

The headlamp and the tail lamp must function at an optimum brightness and be free of flickers. Additionally, indicator, hazard, brake, and parking lights must be calibrated and responsive to the driver’s controls.

Check the mirrors

Every vehicle should have three mandatory mirrors: the rear and the two offside ones. The rearview mirrors must be adjusted to provide a complete road view. The offside mirrors must also be changed at proper angles and function correctly. Side mirrors must also be responsive to the adjustment controls.

Check the license plate.

Your license plate is a part of a legal document, so it must be clean and clear. The font and font size used must be within the permissible limits. Also, the registration plate must be tightly screwed in its place, and every character must be present. Additionally, please take note of the bulb over the registration plate because it provides visibility under low light. If any part of the license plate is unclear, you might be charged with obstruction to justice.


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