How to pair up plain t shirts


The basic t-shirt is an important a part of anyone’s wardrobe — man or woman. Everyone from Dean to Kendall Jenner has made a significant fashion statement out of the standard white tee, and it’s remained an It girl (and guy) staple for decades.

The greatest source of inspiration are street style stars and celebrities. Their new styles and ways to wear this iconic closet apparel are out of the world. Sure, you’ll always throw one on together with your skinny jeans or your leggings, but that’s not very exciting is it? The t-shirt can be worn for dressier occasions provided you get the styling right. Even in those places when you want to make a seriously stylish statement.

Tuck It Into High-Waisted Jeans

Currently, the most stylish way to rock this look is to tuck your t-shirt into a pair of reworked or vintage Levi’s high-waisted jeans. The key’s the high-waisted silhouette — you’ll go skinny, wide-leg or maybe flared and still nail the design.

Layer It Under a Lace Tank Top

To make this look add real world , we’d substitute the expensive bralette (tough to execute in real life) for a camisole with delicate spaghetti straps. From there you’ll get creative — lace, velvet, silk, and satin will all add a component of boudoir-chic to your casual t-shirt. Just do not forget the casual final touch to offer your ensemble that unstudied cool: The vintage-y ripped jeans.

Pair It With a Suit

We know, we know: you almost certainly aren’t exactly wearing a “suit” all that always . But hear us out! We think a matching women tops and pants or a leather skirt and jacket are along the same lines. To pull off this outfit, you need to coordinate the separates.

And what goes best with matchy-matchy? An irreverent t-shirt of course. The key’s to require the suit or separates out of their stuffy office roots and infuse them with a way of caprice and edge. Break up a pyjama set or a blazer and trousers with a graphic tee that shouts out your proud feminism or favourite travel destination. (No judgments either way!) The t-shirt are going to be both a centre and a fashion statement — what more could you want?

Rock a  Ladylike Skirt with a Cropped Tee 

The genius is within the simplicity, just a cropped white T-shirt with a pencil skirt, pumps and a couple of delicate necklaces. You can wear yours with jeans or a skirt , and layer a sweater or jacket on top for a touch more coverage. The cropped shirt trend doesn’t need to be as intimidating because it sounds, trust us. You can pair something short with something high-waisted and barely show any of your mid-section in the least , or simply a slice. Like we said, adding a layer over (or under!) the cropped t-shirt can give anyone the arrogance to offer this trend a try.

Wear It Under a Slip Dress

The 90s are alive and well in 2017. Older women might feel intimidated by the thought of revisiting this look, nevertheless this look is really fun and versatile for those under 35 . Day or night, dress it up anytime.  For a brunch look, a white t-shirt and sneakers and for date night, a black t-shirt and ankle boots under your slip dress.

If you’re worried about bulk and wrinkles, that is a concern! One hack is you can skip the traditional t-shirt in lieu of a bodysuit. Or, try a t-shirt with a lot of stretch that is body hugging. You can also tuck the tee into a shape wear mini skirt for a streamlined and smooth finish under your slip.

Have Fun With Colour

More often than not, a classic white full sleeve t-shirt will be your go-to piece for that “elevated casual” look. We love that. There’s nothing wrong with that! However, you can tuck a bright pink t-shirt into a pink-and-red pleated midi skirt with a red beaded necklace. This combination is fun and classy together at the same time, an epitome of ideal balance of fashion, function and comfort which we love and recommend to all!

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