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How to paint behind a radiators

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Here we will give you all the information related to how to paint behind radiators. In this article, I am going to give you proper guidelines about this along with top tips.

Let’s do this with us.

1- Removing the radiator from the wall.

Close the valves on both sides of the radiator

You know there are two valves on the side of the radiators. The manual control valves and lock shield valves.

 Let us start to open valves Remove the plastic caps over the lock shield, after that use, a spanner to turns the spindle right of the radiators.

 Then turn the manual control vales from the right with the help of your hand until it is tightly close.

Place a small bowl and towel under the radiator to protect the floor.

Remember to lay a towel on the floor to prevent water from seeping in.

 Place in a small bowl under the manual control valves to hold water.

Additionally, remove any carpet or mat from under the radiator

 The radiator’s key is the tool you can use to open the valves.

 Check your radiator find the bleed valves at the top of your radiators. Furthermore, Place the opening key of your radiator key over the square of the center of valves.

 The radiator’s bleed key to the left and open the bleed valves and clamp the adjustable spanner outside the valves to keep it once it open.

Loose cap nut with the help of a spanner that connects the valve to radiators.

 Furthermore, continue to unscrew the valve of the radiators until the water starts to flow out and hold a bowl under the valves water start’s to flow and the nut remove easily.

If the cup is now full of water, tighten the nut. Turn the nut cap to the left with the spanner to strengthen the cap. 

Turn the nut over until the water stops flowing and drain the water from the bowl drain.

Continue to adjust nut until water flow. 

Firstly lose the cap nut and filled another bowl with water until no more water flows out the valve of the radiators.

Importantly, Tight the cap of a nut when you have finished draining water on the radiator.

Loosen the lock shield nut cap.

 Secure the lock shed valve to the open position with the help of a spanner. When the valve is open.

You can lose the lock shield nut with the spanner and turn the spinner counterclockwise to undo the nut.

Lift your radiator off the wall and pour in the rest of the water.

 Remember to be careful before removing the radiator from the wall and then pour the remaining water from the lock shield into an empty bowl. 

When all the water from the radiator lay on the floor. Throw wastewater down the drain.

2- Painting behind radiator wall

Cover your radiator pipes with painter tape.

You can buy painter tape from the store.

Tear off all the strips of painters with tape and place them on them.

 Protect the back and front pipes from the paint by wrapping tape around the pipe.

You can choose paint to withstand heat.

Different types of paint are available in markets. The paints are frequently exposed from the heat to the radiator, so, it is important to it won’t crack from any changes occur in temperature.

 Prefer that type of paint. Which is suitable for any warm conditions.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to mix both types of paints oil paint and exterior and interior use because these both withstand 


Apply the premier.

If the though the area behind the radiators is hidden. Apply the primer over the entire area with the help of the midsize brush.

Paint the whole area with 2 coats.

Apply the paint that you think is best, using the long area above the wall and the long area at the back.

If you want the best result and quality finish, apply 2 coats.

Before reconnecting the radiator.

  Allow the wall to dry completely for 48 hours.

 Allow the paint to dry for 2 days to touch dry.

 If you are going to try to reconnect the radiators before the paint dries. This has damaged the area.

To read more about painting a radiator, read complete guide on how to paint a radiator. You can also read there many other articles about paint like how to paint skirting boards or best gloss paint for wood etc.


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