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How To Organise Your Closet to Maximise Space?

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Is your closet a mess? You might be scared to even open your closet but fret not, we will make it super easy for you to organise it. You would certainly celebrate your success, once you have decluttered it.

Here we are mentioning the step-by-step guide on how to organise your wardrobe to maximise the space. For this, you would require some wardrobe storage boxes. Let’s get started.

Empty Your Closet

First, you need to remove all your clothes and accessories or any wardrobe storage boxes you were using. Empty your closet and keep all hangers aside. Trust us, in this process, you might even end up finding a few of your missing tops or dresses.

Once you have taken out everything, you need to clean it properly. Clean by wiping every shelf and rod, you can use a cleaner to get rid of the dust and grime. Next vacuum the space so that it’s totally clean.

Decluttering is Important

If you are somebody who doesn’t like to part with their old clothes and accessories, then you might be dreading this step. But trust us, once you have segregated all the clothes, bags and shoes that you don’t use anymore, you will feel very much de-stressed. You can donate these things or give them to your friends.

You can use cardboard removal boxes to keep all the items you want to discard so that later you can get rid of them. All these things are not going back into your wardrobe. A tip while decluttering: never hold back any dress or footwear, thinking you might need it someday. Trust us, that day never comes!

Pile up all the clothes that you wear on a regularly. Next, make use of removal boxes to segregate clothes and accessories to be donated or to be given to friends. You can even sell them if you want. Any dress or a pair of shoes that is torn or stained or needs to be repaired can be put in another cardboard removal box, name it – Trash.

Buy Wardrobe Storage Boxes

Even if our closets are big enough, we always feel space crunch and arranging everything in them becomes a little challenging. Wardrobe storage boxes come in handy as they help in optically utilising our closet’s space. There are numerous options available in the market for wardrobe organizers such as boxes, closet kits, etc. At Packaging Express, you can find budget-friendly storage boxes and moving boxes UK. They offer a wide range high quality packaging products for offices and personal needs.

Arrange Your Closet

So, now this is the final step, you will have to arrange everything back. Segregate clothes, accessories and shoes and decide where you want to keep them. Make some categories for clothing such as daily wear, office wear, party wear, nightwear and more and keep them together.

Keep all belts together and put your jewellery in a jewellery box. Decide which clothes you want to hang, get some vertical hangers to utilise the space perfectly. You can hang trousers, coats, jackets whilst jumpers, cardigans, pullovers can be folded and stacked.

Make sure you keep your daily wear or office wear clothes at the front side. Clothes that are out of season can be put at the back side of the shelf. Party wears that you wouldn’t require daily, you can keep them on the top shelf.

Accessories such as belts, scarves and shoes must be stored separately, don’t mix them with clothes otherwise, you will keep searching for your belts or scarves amidst your clothes. Better to hang them so that when you need a particular belt or scarf, you will find it easily.

Once your closet is properly organised try to maintain it. Try to reorganise it in a month or two, instead of making it an annual plan.


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