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How to Open AAE Files on Windows?

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You may notice several AAE files on your computer after transferring some files from your iPhone to your Windows PC. It’s possible that you don’t know how to open AAE files on Windows. Then you may be unsure what it is. This article will supply you with the necessary information.

What is an AAE file?

The .aae file extension makes reference to a file type created by the “Photos” app on apple gadgets. It contains information on how to edit a specific JPG file. It’s used to transfer photo editing information so you can quickly access the original version of the file when you need it.

AAE files are mainly exclusive to Mac-based systems because they are made with the “Photos” application. They can be transferred to Windows or other operating systems. Users’ original photographs are not overwritten while editing because the files save adjustments made in Photos.

How to open an AAE file?

To open AAE files in windows, the primary stage is to show it, which may be accomplished by loading each of the modified photos separately with the help of a third-party IOS photo editor tool, then storing them without any further editing or adjustments. With the AAE extension modifications, you may easily create multiple duplicates in your camera roll. All you have to do now is delete the old image and import the resaved image that has been modified and edited.

Another option is to utilise an IOS programme that is solely specialised to transmitting AAE extension file formats in transferring the images to the computer while keeping the original image’s modifications. Make sure the programme you’ve chosen is compliant with this sort of function before you start the transmission.

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How to open an AAE file in Windows 10, 8 or 7?

The tips listed below will assist you in dealing with such issues if you’ve been having trouble accessing such files on Windows. In the case of Windows, the operating system must be aware of the type of software you choose to use. The operating system may occasionally perform the function of looking for an appropriate software even if you have actively chosen from the apps shown on the desktop. There are options for seeing file extensions, which may be done in a few easy stages as shown below:

  1. To begin, you must first transfer your files to Dropbox.
  2. The next stage is to connect into your Dropbox account and collect all of the photographs in their original dimensions.
  3. The penultimate stage is to email all of those photos to oneself, however the actual dimensions will be lost along the way.

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You must utilise a compatible picture editing programme on your Apple device to take advantage of Windows’ full capabilities. Your work would consist of just launching the programme and loading all of the required images, then storing that with no editing or modifications. Always be sure that the application you use does not allow you to apply watermarks to your photos. You should also make sure that the application you choose does not trim or condense the photos so that you may get the most desired effect. The process mentioned here can be used to open AAE files in Windows 10,8 or 7.


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