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How to obtain your certificate of conformity for car?

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The purpose of the certificate of conformity is to allow people to travel within France in their car. If the vehicle you buy were not intended for use in Europe, it would not have a certificate. You will therefore have to register it by composing a file that you will send to the DREAL. The documents required during this examination are your identity document, the vehicle’s sales certificate, and the registration certificate you will have taken abroad. In this article, you will have other useful information about this document.

Rapid obtaining of the certificate of conformity

If you want to have your certificate of conformity quickly, use your vehicle registration document. Go to the site responsible for issuing this document and order other valuable documents.

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Regarding the price, you will need 120 euros on average to obtain your COC Audi. It will also take 179 euros for the certificate of conformity of a BMW and 200 euros for a Mercedes coca.

The importance

In practice, delivering your certificate of conformity will take little time. The delivery time may vary between a few weeks and a few days following the manufacturer you have contacted. As soon as you have your certificate, you can register your automobile. The administrative procedures will then be easier.

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If your vehicle does not have a certificate of conformity, it will not circulate in France. Indeed, if you do not have a certificate, you cannot have a grey card either. Thus, in the event of an inspection, you will incur a fine of 130 euros for not having a registration card.

What is the certificate of conformity?

The certificate of conformity is a document that guarantees you freedom of movement for your vehicle. It is present in France and opens to M1 and L1 category vehicles. These machines must also have a registration dating from 1996.

With the certificates of conformity, it is the homologation service of your brand of car that certifies that your machine complies with the European standard in this area. This is how you will get your certificate when you first register your car or when it leaves the manufacturing plant.

This article lets you understand that this document is essential for you. So please do your best to get it.


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