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How to Merge Instagram Accounts

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In this day and age, where people don’t have the time to manage one social media account, managing two accounts can turn out to be a nightmare. Due to these time constraints, people resort to merging their social media accounts. Apps like Facebook makes it easier for its users in this regard. It provides you with the option of making other people admin of your page.

However, with Instagram, you cannot merge accounts. That being said, there are ways through which you can merge your accounts. 

Before we dive into hows, let us first discuss the whys.

Why do people/organizations merge their accounts?

In all fairness, this is a very open-ended question. However, there are some prominent reasons for it. Below are some of them.

Consolidation Purposes:  

Out of the many reasons for merging your Instagram account, one such reason is consolidation. Many organizations have multiple social media handles for different places or locations. Managing all of them at times gets difficult for the companies. Also, it requires them to hire more employees to their social media managing team. To deal with this, companies at times resort to merging their accounts. This way, it gets easier for the company to manage the accounts. 

Enhancing User Experience: 

Many companies merge their accounts in a bid to improve their user experience. Having multiple accounts for each product line does have its own merits and demerits. Arguably, the demerits outweigh the merits fair and square. This is because once these companies merge their account, the users won’t have to wander across multiple pages.

Improving brand Image: 

Bringing all of your services under one umbrella i.e one account is very helpful in creating a strong brand image. This is because assembling all your brand assets under one account accentuates your brand reputation along with its credibility.

To add variety: 

Like I said earlier, a profile looks good when it is piled with quality content. Merging your accounts serves exactly this purpose. Multiple accounts of any organization does have some benefits, but it scatters the data. However, adding the same scattered data to a single profile does a very good job of adding variety to your account.

Not only this, merging social media accounts also comes with added benefits. For instance, once you merge your social media account, it gets easier for you to engage your audience. This is because your account will have a variety of products, services to cater to, and by merging multiple social media accounts, you can post frequently. Doing so will not only enhance your user’s experience, but will also increase your brand’s image and presence. 

Now that we have discussed the whys, let us now discuss how to merge Instagram accounts.

Like I said earlier, you cannot simply merge multiple Instagram accounts, but there are ways to go around this. Following are some of the steps you can undertake if you wish to merge your Instagram accounts.

  1. Make a new account: Creating a new profile is one way to deal with the merging crisis. To go about this, you will have to manually upload all the content from your already existing profiles in a very systematic order. You can streamline the process by using any third-party tool. It is advisable that when you are in the process of creating an account to merge your other Instagram accounts, make sure to make the live accounts private. This is because it helps in avoiding any new engagement while you’re moving your content. The only downside of this process is that you will lose all the reach on your posts. However, these reach crises can be easily tackled with an effective digital marketing strategy. If done rightly, it will take little to no time for you to gain online traction.
  2. Move the followers: In all fairness, there is no way you can move followers as easily as the headline shows. However, there is a chance to increase your Instagram followers by notifying them. You can do so by intimating your followers by a social media post from an existing account. Doing so will redirect the followers to your new account. This will make it easier for you to regain your online traction and increase the reach of your new account.
  3. Delete Previous Accounts: Once you have fully established a new profile, it is about time that you bid farewell to your previous accounts. Now, this may seem like an unnecessary step but keeping a dysfunctional account may cause people to follow and engage with the defunct accounts, which may lead you into worse situations such as bad customer service. 

Final Words:

Unlike other apps, Instagram does not provide its users with the opportunity to directly merge their accounts. But, you can follow the aforementioned steps to circumvent such a situation. The only viable option in this regard is to create a new account and move all the data in it. Once you do it, simply deactivate the previous accounts, and you will be good to go.


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