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How to Manage Wasp Infestation?

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Wasps are among the most commonly found pests in the world. They are found in all parts of the world and throughout the year. However, few kinds of wasp vary from location to location. Yellow jackets, Paper wasps, Mud dauber wasps, European hornets, and Bald-faced hornets are few kinds of wasps.

Wasps are usually not considered too dangerous but can put you in trouble instantly and for a few days. Their sting can cause swelling, pain, breathing problems, vomiting, and even allergy sometimes. Thus, it is much necessary to restrict their infestation near the places you are residing or visiting more frequently.  And if the situation goes out of control, it’s imperative that you hire the best wasp control Surrey services.

Here are few tips to manage the wasp’s infestation to avoid their invasion of human beings.

Stop Food Availability

Every insect including the wasp prefers to reside in or near the places where there is the easy availability of food for them. If the food is made unavailable for them, they would never infest in such places. Wasps, generally, eat sweets, or foods containing more protein. 

The wasp’s infestation could be restricted if their accessibility to food is controlled. Uncovered sweets items, pets foods, and kitchen trash are the main attractants of the wasps. Proper and immediate cleaning of these objects helps to keep away the wasps. You must cover the trash box properly; provide a limited and adequate quantity of food to pets that have fewer chances of remaining, and in case of remaining, be removed immediately. 

Removal of Nests

Wasps make their nests first of all where they are to infest. Choosing an appropriate place, they started working over there and gradually built a nest. Once they build a nest, then a large number of wasps start residing there, start the reproduction process, and thus, their quantity increases to manifolds.

We must keep a vigilant view of our buildings and keep checking the signs of wasp’s infestation. If found any small or large nest of wasp, be removed immediately. The nests are easy to remove in the initial stages of the infestation, however, after the passage of a few days or weeks, they make their existence stronger and dense which is very difficult to get rid of. Messing with them can lead you to pay off some loss as the wasps respond strongly when invaded by outsiders.

Placement of Artificial Nests

Wasps have the nature of living isolated as they do not bear the interference of another block of the wasps nearby. While choosing the place for their nests, wasps prefer to build where there is no other community of the same creature. It is not hard and fast rules, but their preference does incline towards it.

Building owners can plant an artificial nest in the building to distract the wasps to infest there. There are very few chances of wasp’s infestation if we have made an artificial nest arrangement in the building. It is not a guaranteed measure but works in most cases. 

Grow Natural Wasp Repellent Plants

Some plants repel wasp’s infestation. Plant more wormwood shrubs in your lawns and you can enjoy a wasp-free environment. Remember, this plant contains a natural form of absinthe. This is a water-soluble poison that can wash off leaves during rain or showering the plants and may kill surrounding small plants. Mint plant is one of the best options for this purpose. It is an attractive and aromatic herb; not only repels wasps but also tastes good when added to soup, fish, or tea. 

Lawn Maintenance

Big non-trimmed grass, plants, and dirty lawn are also attractive to the wasps. If we work regularly on our lawn to keep them neat and clean with proper trimming of plants and grass will avoid the wasp’s infestation.

The wasps used to make their nests in the plants also, and non-trimmed plants help to provide them better shelter and a protective place. Whereas, trimmed plants create a rather wider and open look that overcomes the hiding factor for these insects and it helps to reduce the wasp’s infestation. 

Taking care of a wasp infestation situation requires quick action. Failing to do so can lead to a troublesome situation. So, hire the best services for pest control in Surrey that specialize in wasp control at your earliest.

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