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How to manage the cultivation of mushrooms?

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  • How to grow mushrooms at home?
  • Where can mushrooms be grown?
  • Conditions for growing mushrooms
  • How to plant mushrooms?

It does not exceed the good feeling of self-grown fruits, vegetables or other crops, which are often a guarantee of quality and high content of healthy substances. It is no different in the case of mushrooms. With a little sacrificial care and proven tips, you can grow them at home.

Mushrooms don’t happen to be one of the most popular mush rooms. In addition to offering several uses in the kitchen, they are also referred to as foods with a higher content of medicinal substances. In addition, growing mush rooms does not require demanding conditions or any advanced knowledge, thanks to which even less experienced gardeners can try it.

How to grow mushrooms at home?

  • Mushrooms do not have great growing demands.
  • It is a time and money saving process.
  • Growing mushrooms is done without chemistry.
  • You can grow them even in the colder season.

Where can mushrooms be grown?

Growing mushrooms in the cellar

There are several suitable places for growing mush rooms, but the most common is the cellar. The reason is the combination of darkness and lower temperature, which is decisive for these mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse

Greenhouses tend to be much more illuminated, but if you give the champion a position at least in partial shade, with the right substrate, they will also stick in it.

Growing mushrooms in the garden

If you have shady areas in the garden under a tree, or by a wall, or by a fence, you can sit them in a box and place it outside.

Growing mushrooms at home in the apartment

Mushrooms planted in a box or flowerpot will also be attached to the apartment. Just put them in the chamber or somewhere on the attic, where there is a little more darkness.

Conditions for growing mushrooms


In the position, the key is not only the shadow, respectively. minimum light. The humidity of the environment is also an important factor. It should be a bit higher, which is especially true in cases where you plant them in the basement or in the chamber.


While with criteria such as heat and light, the mush rooms show maximum simplicity, you have to take into account high demands when choosing a substrate. The soil mixture can also be prepared separately, but a much simpler solution is to buy a finished substrate with a mushroom. There are several types of substrates, so the choice can be adapted to the place of cultivation.

How to plant mushrooms?

1. Soil preparation

Pour the purchased substrate overgrown with the mushroom on the place where the mush rooms are to grow, whether in a box, in a flowerpot or on the lawn. Then pour the so-called covering soil, which is a mixture of soil and peat.

2. Soil irrigation

If the substrate is covered with cover soil, you can gently moisten the soil, preferably with a hand sprayer, which will spray water over the soil surface.

3. Land cover

The prepared and moistened soil mixture must then be covered with a lid, foil or a finer piece of fabric. It is important that the soil with the subsoil is still slightly aerated.

4. Temperature reduction

In the opening days, you can treat the mush rooms to a temperature of around 20 ° C, at least if they are inside and local conditions allow you to do so. After about 2 weeks, when the undergrowth overgrows the cover soil, reduce it to a level of about 15 to 18 ° C.

5. Preparation for collection

If the undergrowth has begun to overgrow the covering soil, uncover the container with mush rooms and wait until the fungi begin to grow while regularly moistening the soil slightly. Then collect them by slowly dialing the mushroom heads from the soil.

The result of the right way of growing are healthy and delicious mushrooms, which have a high content of vitamins, minerals and proteins. By consuming them, you will supply your body with several beneficial substances that have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and other beneficial effects.


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