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How to Make Your New Home Eco-Friendly

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If you are moving into a new home, you will want to do all that you can to ensure that it is eco-friendly. Eco-friendly homes not only help the environment, but they also help you to save money on your utility bills each month. There are so many things that you can do with your new home to make it eco-friendly.

Water Consumption

You will want to get serious about saving water. Saving water can help to decrease your water bill each month. Things that you can do is to make sure that you do not run the water while you are brushing your teeth or shaving. You should also have low-flow showerheads and water-reducing toilets installed. This can help you to save many gallons of water each month.

Install A Smart Thermostat

If home builders are currently working on building your home, ask them to talk with the HVAC specialist about installing a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can set your thermostat at different temperatures during the day. While you are not home, your air conditioner should not be running full blast. A smart thermostat can ensure that your HVAC system stays working at peak efficiency.

Installing Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

One of the best ways to have an eco-friendly household is to replace all of your old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. Energy-efficient light bulbs will light your home just as good as the old ones, and they use much less electricity. These lightbulbs also last much longer than traditional bulbs, which will help you to save money.

Go Solar

If you want to have the perfect eco-friendly home, consider adding some solar panels to your house. You can get enough clean electricity that you may even be able to sell some back to your power company. Solar panels are an expensive investment, but well worth it to have an eco-friendly house.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Try to cut out all unnatural and/or non-biodegradable chemical cleaning products. These chemicals will go into the water supply ad your home will not be energy efficient. Use products that have all-natural cleaners in them. Baking soda, citric acid, and vinegar are all great tools to clean your house.


One of the best ways to ensure that your home is eco-friendly is to ensure that the home is insulated well. Proper insulation helps to keep the home cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. The more insulation that you have in your walls, ceiling, and floor, the better it will be.


You should also make sure that you compost your kitchen scraps and any leftover food. Compost can help you in your garden or your flower beds. Make sure that you pick an area on your property that can easily be made into a compost area. If you do not have that kind of space, you can always get a small compost bin that you can use. If you have no plans for your compost, you can always advertise free compost on your local groups. You will be amazed at the people who use compost and will be happy to take yours.

Purchase Recycled Products

Consider purchasing recycled products for your home whenever you can. Products can include toilet paper, gaming consoles, and more. Purchasing recycled products will help the environment and help you to save money. To find recycled products, do some research online as to what the best-recycled products are out there to use.

Making Sure That Your Appliances Are Energy Efficient

Ensuring that your appliances are energy efficient will help you to save money on your energy bill each month and make sure that you are eco-friendly. Each appliance in your home should have an energy star rating that is good. You should also consider cooking with smaller appliances. For example, instead of turning your oven on to cook dinner, you could cook dinner in a pressure cooker. These do not use as much energy and will help to save you money.

Having an eco-friendly home in today’s world is imperative. With rising utility costs and effects on the environment, we all need to do our part. Consider adding a few or all of these things into your new home to ensure that it is eco-friendly.


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