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How to make videos – a six step guide

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Home videos are a load of fun. They’re a great way to engage with the kids, as well as to capture memories. Belinda’s dance recital? Recorded. That time your new bub did that funny thing with her hands? On tape. But you might be new to the whole home video thing. You might need a guide. Here’s where we come in.

A theme, a theme, we need a theme…

A fun way to collaborate with the kids in these cases is to get them involved in writing a script. Perhaps your little one is a born actress. Maybe she sings. Tailor the video to your skills and to your kids’ interests. If they’re a singer, film ‘em, because it’s these mementos that really are priceless.

Get your camera sorted.

Are you using a camcorder? A digital camera set to record? A tablet? A smartphone? Know the pros and cons. Camcorders and digital cameras are more expensive but are higher quality videos. The newest tablets and smartphones have real nice cameras you could try and are super convenient to carry around. Keep them in mind.

But how does this work?

Learn how your camera works before you get started. You want to be able to take all the shots you like (beginner ones, no panning or tripods here unless you’re a real pro), and you don’t want to have to fumble around looking for the pause button. Make sure you’re really familiar with the manual before you get started so you don’t miss any moments.

Are you aware…

…of the software you might be using? Prepare in advance for the editing part. It may seem like fun and games but to have a really great home video, ready for DVD or the web, you need to put in the hard yards. If you’re feeling daring you could buy a program. Alternately Mac and Windows both have film-editing software installed for the newbie who needs someone to hold their hand.

On location

Perhaps filming could be a good place to start. If you want to make the perfect short film, you’re going to want to film on location for those beach or bush scenes. Sure it might just be the backyard with a tent put up, but it still adds atmosphere and a little bid of legitimacy to your amateur production.  

How about YouTube?

If you think it’s funny enough, why not share it with the World Wide Web? You could end up YouTube famous. Alternately uploading it online to a private server makes sharing easy peasy. Just send the link on to loved ones and they can check it out, without the fear of it going viral (and perhaps embarrassing the kids when they’re teenagers). Plus it uses up less space on your computer. Now you’re set to get filming, director!


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