How to make sure your Air Conditioner is energy efficient

The summer season is at its peak right now, with the increase in temperature day by day, the need for an air conditioner in the room is also becoming vital. Simultaneously, the price of electricity per unit also goes up every year, thus leaving us with selective room cooling in the house. The decision to buy air conditioner, which is energy efficient also becomes very tough as the prices for that also go up relatively in the summer season. So let’s find out how you can ensure that your air conditioner is energy efficient throughout the summer season.

Buying The Accurate AC for your room

Buying the accurate AC for your room depends on the covered area of the room you are planning to install it in. The next step is to consider what brand suits you the most. Many home appliances brands in Pakistan come with different cooling capacities of 1 ton and 1.5 tones. 1-ton, optimal for a room of 150 to 250 square feet. Several brands such as Dawlence, Haier, Waves, Gree, Orient, Reason, Chanhongruba etc. are one of the best performing brands in the home appliances market.

A DC inverter ac in Pakistan works the best as per the customer reviews due to reduced electricity bill in summer as compared to a non-DC inverter AC.

Compatibility of an air conditioner

A compatible relationship with your air conditioner is a must when deciding to buy one for your room. With summer comes high electricity prices and unfortunately the load shedding for cost-saving. And the room walls and ceilings also become hotter with the degree rise. Thus, it becomes important for the consumer to buy air conditioner that is compatible with UPS and a generator both. As some AC’s operate on low voltage for energy saving, this makes them equally compatible with other energy-saving appliances like mentioned above.

Lifetime warranty to be considered

Many home appliances that we purchase are covered for a lifetime or specific period for repair and fixture. Likewise, an AC also comes with the benefit of the warranty. Now several brands offer only a year’s warranty for the spare parts and gas filling, meanwhile, some offer a lifetime warranty of the compressor. So while deciding which one to buy, always consider the warranty being offered, as this option makes your air conditioner an energy-efficient one.

Airflow for room cooling

When choosing an AC for your room, considering the airflow is also very important. Often the throw of the air is not sufficient for adequate room cooling. The latest models have now got 4D airflow which ensures that the cooling is spread evenly in the room so that you can have a sound sleep. An energy-saving air conditioner will evenly spread cooling in the room so that you don’t have to turn on the fans to increase the cooling of the room.

Smart feature for better control

Now with the convenience of operating your devices with your smartphone has become the trending norm, the latest technology of smart devices in home appliances has made the consumer’s life a lot easy. Talking about AC, the latest models have now got a WiFi kit installed in them. The smart feature of these allows the consumer to interact via downloadable applications in the smartphone device by which you can remotely control the cooling and setting of your air conditioner conveniently.

Not only this, but some of the air conditioners also have a diagnostic feature in them which shows you if the AC is having any sort of problem.

Sufficient for both kinds of weather

Nowadays latest models of AC that are DC inverter are optimal for both hot and cold seasons, thus making these home appliances energy efficient as you won’t need a heating fan separately for the winter season. Hence, such appliances are cost-effective as well at the same time in terms of the cost of the air conditioner and electricity bills.

Again, the DC inverter technology will allow for efficient use of the voltage units thus resulting in reduced electricity bills in both seasons.

Online shopping for the best air conditioner

It has become very easy for the consumer to shop for almost anything via online shopping in Pakistan.  Talking about buying an AC online is also very convenient as you just have to visit the online store of the brand that you prefer. After doing so, just check out the features of the model available, the price, the size, color, and other features to decide which one you will purchase eventually.

After doing so, you just need to put your desired AC article in the cart and proceed to payment methods (usual cash on delivery or online payment facility is available), and after that wait for the consignment to reach your doorstep.

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