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How To Make Sure You Pick the Best Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

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When it’s time to cover your truck bed, there are many different types of tonneau covers to choose from. Use these tips to find a highly rated cover that fits your lifestyle. Explore the many different uses, types and sizes tips available before shopping for your favorite cover online.

What Use Would Your Tonneau Cover Get?

Some purchases, like truck brakes, are obvious maintenance ones. Others, like tonneau covers, can seem unnecessary to some truck owners. Browse these many uses of tonneau covers to see how you can get more out of your rig with one of these handy items.

A cover keeps your truck bed storage area safe. Both hard and soft covers offer rain, snow and UV protection, so you don’t have to worry about wet camping gear or compromised building materials.

You may be able to improve your fuel economy by 5% or more when you install a tonneau cover. A cover creates a more streamlined, aerodynamic shape, which can reduce drag and fuel costs as you travel.

Hard covers in particular can prevent theft. Look for a locking cover to keep the bed of your truck as safe as the cab. Simply lock the tailgate to hide and protect your belongings.

Tonneau covers are also stylish additions to your ride. Whether you have a sleek black cover or a hard, hinged cover that matches the interior paint of your truck, these accessories add some major style points to your work truck or weekend cruiser.

Tips for Sizing a Tonneau Cover

All tonneau covers need to be carefully sized to ensure they fit your vehicle. Just like truck nerf bars, improperly sized covers won’t fit your ride.

Start by measuring the distance from the bulkhead to the inside tailgate edge. This number is typically rounded to the nearest inch, so the cover options may not appear to be an exact match. Choose a cover designed for the same length and verify the installation process is compatible with your truck bed design.

An easier way to size your tonneau cover is to shop at a leading online store. A highly rated store has fitment guides to be sure you’re shopping for only items that are compatible with your make, model and year of vehicle. This gives you peace of mind knowing you can order and install the right cover.

Basic Types of Tonneau Covers

Covers can be divided into two basic categories: hard and soft covers. There are, however, many different styles in these two categories, so consider these popular types of tonneaus to see which one is best for you:

  • Retractable
  • Roll-up
  • Folding
  • Hinged

Retractable, folding and roll-up covers all come in hard and soft options, while hinged are all hard. The materials, installation styles and warranty lengths all vary, so sort through covers using these features to find your new upgrade.

How To Find a Reliable Cover Online

When you want a reliable accessory, you need a reliable online store. Explore highly rated tonneaus today and send one straight to your garage. Prepare to install your new cover and test it out on your next work project or weekend adventure.


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