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With the evolution of the gaming arena, you can not only have fun while playing different games but also make money while playing them. Most parents and elders are worried when children spend a lot of time playing video games. Yes, it is important to strike a balance between playtime and studies, but these days’ video games offer an opportunity to make money while playing games. 

When played during free time, video games can offer good financial gains. While some might earn more, others might make lesser money. But there is a chance for everyone to make some money. Here’s a look at some ways how you can stream video games online and make money. 

Quality Assurance Tester

Video games are created from computer programming. It is important for the computer to react the way the gamer wants it to. The game also needs to look right and feel realistic. For achieving this, the game design companies need independent people to play the game and give feedback. This is where the QA tester comes into the picture. 

The designers and developers wish to know how end users will feel about a new game or updated design. The testers play games to the highest possible level as well as play different designs several times to figure out if there is anything that needs to be changed. The QA work is contract work, and you can get paid hourly. 

Game Tester

There is a difference between being a games tester and a QA tester. QA has to deal with a product that already meets a certain level of quality expected by the developer. However, a tester needs to break a game and come up with ways to mess it up for assessing why the game may or may not be fun for users.

Professional Gamer

Another way of earning monetary gains is to become a professional gamer. Pro gamers compete across the globe and win huge money at events that are sponsored by some of the major league gaming circuits. There are areas across the country from where one can host and stream live professional gaming events. There are communities online to find the best players that are still untapped. 

All you need to do is pick a game that you find yourself good at and practice to become an expert in it. Further, build a reputation as a skilled and team player and then participate in games. 

Become a Streamer

The YouTubers are earning a lot of money these days. If you decide to become a streamer, make sure that the equipment is reliable and professional. It is advisable to have dual monitors and 2 PCs. This will allow you to play a video game on one and keep an eye on another one along with responding to fans. You would need a video capture card for connecting two machines and help with the streaming rate. 

Your personality also matters while becoming a streamer. You are not there just to play the game but also to entertain people. The first step is to record yourselves playing and then upload it on the YouTube channel. 

Join Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming video platform, a subsidiary of Twitch Interactive. Twitch has a partner program wherein they pay the partners $3 for every 1000 ads viewed and $5 a month for every subscriber. For every subscriber, sponsorships, Amazon referral links, and PayPal donations, the gamers can begin to build their audience as well as their income. 

More than YouTube, Twitch is used by gamers for streaming video game playing. Focus on a particular game so that you can narrow down the focus of your fans on you and your channel. You must maintain a consistent and reliable schedule and stream with a friend. This will allow you to interact with someone on your stream along with playing the game. As and when your channel attracts fans, you can interact with them as well. The Twitch Partner program enables the content producers to share with the platform the advertising income generated by the streams. Twitch partners also get a share in the monthly channel subscription.

Contact Sponsor

After getting a fan following for your stream on Twitch, YouTube, or anywhere else, for generating more revenue, you would need to contact sponsors. For getting sponsors, you need to first impress them. Look for a brand that you like and the ones that might want to sponsor you. Also, take into consideration do you or would you use their product. 

Next, you should think about who in their company you want to notice you. Make use of social media to help them find you. Always keep in mind that you are not trying to sell the sponsor anything; you are just trying to convince them that you can bring value to their product or their brand.

Get Paid to Pay

There are sites that pay you for playing their games. You won’t get cash upfront, but you will get paid in the form of electronic or cryptocurrency such as tokens or coins. You can turn them into gift cards and prepay cards. These sites not only want you to play their games but also review them. 

Create Gameplay Tutorials

You can make money by creating tutorials on how to play video games. Your YouTube Channel or streaming site will earn money with every person clicking on it. You need to open an account on Adsense and link it to your YouTube account. Now choose whether you want video ads or banner ads to display. However, for earning money from a video game or any other tutorial, you need thousands of people to view it. 

If you are looking for a fast and easy streaming platform for gamers, GameSee is the right place for streaming games through mobile very easily. It is a platform that adjusts all the requirements to make sure that the stream is of the highest quality and performance. 

Download GameSee App and discover diverse communities, live streaming, and participate in gaming events for an unforgettable experience. 

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