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How to Make Money Selling Your Creative Products on Etsy

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Are you creative or do you have an inspiring hand in design? If you create something unique, you should start your own small business selling your creations on Etsy.

If you haven’t heard about Etsy before that it’s a web based marketplace specifically designed to sell “unique items and products” that are handcrafted in addition to various craft supplies.

The site has 1.7 million working sellers and 28.6 million working buyers, thus there’s a big public attached out there. If you create something that you know people will want, then do it.

If you create the good products and apply the built-in tips provided here, you should easily have enough money to put your bet on top of your balance in bank every day.

How can I predict what I can achieve on Etsy?

We will be honest here. It totally depends on success and what your store will be.

Some people earn steady money (£30 to £40) per month, and some people earn good money to close their personal jobs and start working on etsy .com website full time.

The constant possibility is that you won’t become a rich by working on Etsy, however, once you follow some easy rules, you can just top up your loans and debts and start earning extra net income every month from your spare time at work.

What do I need to start selling?

It’s significant not to complicate things when you open an online Etsy shop. The most favorable aspect you can consider is getting started. If you pass a good time focusing on making everything good, you may not end up starting your store, know that after you have put something on website for sale you can get some improvements daily.


To get started with Etsy, you’ll need these five things at a minimum:

      1. Something of your property to sell

This is the tricky part, however if you pick wisely, it may be the beginning of a new online business. It may not be a tangible component, as many vendors sell their projects to people to design at home or create images for people to publish on their sites and social sites.

If you are truly struggling to arise with new ideas about what to trade on Etsy website, you should check out the website to observe what other people are up to. See them as an inspirational opportunity rather than copying someone else’s idea.

If you’ve really made a choice, it’s the most excellent step to design or order the sample or test your product. This will let you to understand what it’ll be like and can make it simpler by taking photos of the product and also testing the build quality.

         2. Your store’s name and logo

I don’t find it too difficult to decide a logo and name for your online Etsy store. It won’t put much effect on your business and you’ll also have one more opportunity to name it again. Think simple and do not try to make it too vague or difficult to understand. And avoid mixes like multiple things.

Once you’ve decided to name it, you can simply make a good logo for the store using canvas. It’s a web based program very similar to Photoshop, but much easier and free!

If this is uncomfortable for you and you can’t do it yourself, you can simply use a website such as, Fiverr to get someone to do it for you.

           3. Clear and good-looking pictures of your products

This is more significant on Etsy store than on EBay – Your (hopefully) never-before-seen product with a big picture can clearly make a difference here (perhaps more than the store’s name and logo).

If you created or ordered a trial product as mentioned in point 1, this is pretty easy.

See what other people are doing with similar products, select the style, and then start working to make it similar to yours.

            4. A little money

Unlike many online sales sites, working on Etsy com website is not 100% free as each sale costs 20 cents to post. If you’ve invested $1 to list five products, we think it’s enough to start.

While you are thinking about money, you have to think on your item’ cost. You have to take some time calculating the product cost (including any cost for delivering and shipping with sales in some units) and this way, set a price. Don’t covet a high price here, it’s the online business, so if you put an extra price in, there may be somebody who will destroy you and benefit from your all work.

            5. How to deliver your item to buyers

You should find the most economical method to package and deliver your products. It may be easier to contract with the couriers, but if products are too large or weighty, a courier may be a good choice.

Take care that you know all costs before proceeding too. It is very worse to put the shipping cost at £2 and then have to pay £99 yourself.


How much does Etsy charge to list items?

Etsy’s fees are comparatively complicated if compared to other sales websites. There are some fees that apply whenever someone makes purchase something at your store:

  1. Listing cost: It’s $0.20 to list every item on site, and every sale lasts 4 months or until you sell the product. You can make your products as auto-renewed if there are multiple items available and another 0.20 will be deducted when the item is sold and auto-renewable.
  2. Transaction cost: Etsy will deduct 3.5% of the purchase price (not including postage) at the time of sale.
  3. Payment processing cost – It is 0.20 + 4% of the total amount (including postage) if you use the Etsy payment system. You can use PayPal to receive payments if you like, and its rate is 0.20 + 3.4%.

For instance, let’s think you are selling a product for £10 + £2.99. It will cost you 15p as listing fee, 35p in transaction fee and 72p if you use the Etsy payment system. That’s £1.22.


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