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How to Make Any Piece of Furniture Get a Distressed Look?

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Distressed furniture has a charming rustic appeal to it. It can make any space appear more appealing and homely. A lot of people choose this type of furniture because it softens the room and adds a unique touch. There’s something about weathered wood that makes any piece of furniture look exquisite and historical.

You do not have to browse through costly furniture at antique stores to find distressed furniture for your home. With these easy tips, you can make distressed wood furniture out of your new and shiny pieces of furniture. The objective is to make the piece of furniture appear that it has been around for several years. This adds an unexplainable charm to the furniture that people are drawn to.

Although you can find vintage furniture online, there are some techniques that can help you create your own distressed furniture. These methods are extremely quick and can be easily performed at home. You can get a vintage piece of wooden furniture in no time by following the techniques mentioned below.


Vinegar to the rescue

One of the most common ways of distressing wooden furniture is by staining it. For this, you can use a variety of stains. Using vinegar and tea, you can add a rugged look to your furniture and make it appear vintage. For this type of distressing, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Start by preparing a vinegar solution which consists of shredded steel wool added to a container half filled with vinegar. Let this mixture sit undisturbed for 24 hours. The vinegar will dissolve the steel wool. Avoid keeping the mixture for too long since it will get darker with time.
  • Add hot water and tea in another glass container. This mixture will help the furniture have a smooth and dark finish.
  • You now need to sand the wood using sandpaper to make sure that the stain can adhere to the surface of the furniture.
  • Begin by applying the prepared tea to the furniture using a paintbrush. Once it dries, apply the vinegar solution to the wood.
  • Wait till it properly dries off before applying another coat of the solution since the ageing process of the wood will take time.
  • When you feel that the furniture looks rustic enough, cover it with paste wax to prevent it from getting damaged.

These easy steps can help you transform any piece of wooden furniture, whether it’s a nightstand or a coffee table.


Commercial staining

You can buy vintage furniture online India that adds a unique look to your home’s design. In case you wish to add a distressing look to the new furniture that you have, you can use commercial stains that are easily available to get that look.

This technique of distressing furniture involves the following steps:

  • Begin by sanding the wooden furniture to get rid of any coating or paint.
  • Brush water on the wood, and once it dries, brush the stain on it.
  • Remove any extra stain using a spare rug. You can choose to stop if you are satisfied with how the furniture looks.
  • Alternatively, you can repeat the above-mentioned steps after drying the furniture if you wish to have a darker finish.
  • Cover the furniture with paste wax and add this beautiful piece of furniture to your home.

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Some other ways of distressing wooden furniture are listed below:

  • Use mechanical devices like nails, hammers, drills etc., to attack the furniture and give it a rugged look.
  • You can drill holes in the furniture to make it look like insect damage.
  • You can only choose to sand random areas of the furniture to distress it.
  • You can also use the candle technique where an untinted candle is rubbed hard on random places on the furniture before painting it. After drying and cleaning with a rag, the parts where the candle was rubbed do not contain the paint and appear to be weathered.
  • Another way of using the above-mentioned step is to use wet paper in the places that you need to be free of the paint. This process can be repeated several times to add a number of layers to your furniture.
  • You can also use an old dry brush with hard bristles to paint the surface of the furniture to make it appear old.

All of these easy steps can help you get rustic wooden furniture for your home. You can add your flea market finds and other artistic pieces near the furniture to complete the look.

Adding furniture that looks like it has been around for several years can add a rustic feel to your home’s decor. You can buy vintage furniture online India at affordable prices from Home Glamour to add to the rustic appeal of your home.


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