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How to Look Stylish in Hot & Humid Weather

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Looking great stylish in hot and moist climate is something I battle with. Anybody living in Mumbai, Bangalore, or Kerala will also know what I’m saying – the mugginess feels clammy, awkwardly tacky, and surprisingly hard to relax. I have a few tips for looking upscale in a warm and sticky climate… 

Fabric Selection 

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Always make sure the fabric you are wearing is cool and breathable. Lightweight attire that will not stick to your skin. Woven materials or those with some surface, as a rule, work effectively. 

Attempt ‘normal fiber’ material: cotton, light material, and silk – these work best to retain sweat, permit the air to circulate, and help the skin to relax. 

Material can be a severely breathable fabric, yet it will fold without any problem. Lined cotton mixes are incredible. By adding cotton, the texture will be less grumpy. 

To hold sweat back from sitting awkwardly on your skin, discover pieces of clothing that promote dampness the board highlights, like wicking or absorbency, to get the effort off your skin rapidly. 

Women’s clothing in synthetic fabrics holds heat, doesn’t retain sweat, and in this manner, increments internal heat level. 

Avoid colors that regularly show sweat, similar to light pink or gray. White is an ideal decision, and a print or example is extraordinary at hiding the sweat marks.


When it is hot and moist, stylish in hot can feel like you are suffocating in sweat; the last thing you need to do is add jewelry or a scarf. Think about wearing statement jewelry, hair accessories, and shades. 

It tends to be tricky when it’s hot to feel stylish in hot since you know you’re only schlepping about in your straps/flip-flops/jandals. Heat escapes through our heads and our feet, so keep your footwear open during summer to try not to trap in body heat. Settle on ballet flats or shoes produced using cotton or material shoes if you need to wear shut-toe shoes. Something else, wearing stylish in hot shoes are more refined choice than elastic straps. 

Article of clothing construction

You need to be comfortable on an unendurably muggy day, so that incorporates ensuring you’re not wearing pieces of clothing that are excessively tight and cause you to feel uncomfortable. This will assist with making a layer of air between your skin and your apparel. 

The lightweight and breathable properties of fabric can be delivered futile if the piece of clothing is developed in a manner that doesn’t underline these properties, for example, a polyester lining on the sheer, lightweight dress – making it a helpless choice for warm environments. 

Stay away from drawstrings and flexible belts that stick at the abdomen. Pick lightweight pullovers and shirts that freely hold your body tight, or select flowy skirts and wide-leg pants. 

Concerning length, your smartest choice will be something that falls at the knee, so your legs will be comfortable, have space to move around, and will not be caught under the texture.

Some might view basic tees as excessively hot as they sit extremely near the body – so searching for top styles that are somewhat more spacious and vaporous is acceptable. Yet, then, at that point, you have the issue that if they fall straight down from the shoulders, they conceal your midsection and are not complimenting. So what to search for? 

Styles that have some detachment to consider air movement, however, then, at that point, return at the midsection to feature this incredible component of yours. 

Search for: 

  • wrap styles 
  •  tie fronts 
  •  flexible belts 
  •  peplums 

They all attract the fabric at the abdomen. On the other hand, if you have a top that is simply loose and sacklike – you can include forming utilizing a Kimtuck or using your waistband to move the fabric back into the body. And afterward, you can also get the top into your base if it has no routine forming. 

Shouldn’t something is said about Summer Women’s Dresses? Again search for dresses that have some midriff forming, regardless of whether it’s a wrap, tie front, domain or midsection crease, or flexible abdomen – or even that you can pop a belt over the top to stop the texture back in; these will make a complimenting outline. 

Summer Tops for a Straighter Body Shape 

What might be said about styles that suit a lady with a straighter and less characterized midsection? 

This is where you are more fortunate if you don’t have a mainly characterized midsection, as you can wear looser additional streaming styles without any problem. Do search for some conceivable forming with the goal that you don’t appear as though you’re simply wearing a sack.


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