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How to Look Beautiful With Lotus Tea

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Lotus tea is a unique herbal infusion made from yellow lotus flowers, white blossom buds, green roots, fruits, or even embryos. In Chinese it is called liuan the or baixu in Korean and lian Chun in Japanese. In Vietnamese it is called thuong bao. Also pronounced as Leo Bao or Baoxie and by some writers called liuanchai, lienan choi, or lien cha in English.

trà bông sen hoàng trà is a special blend of tea with various characteristics. It has a wide spectrum of therapeutic properties. As compared to other green teas, this tea is very mild and gentle. It can be prepared in different ways: boiling, steaming, and filtering. The boiling method is used to make the lotus flower softer and to extract more volatile oils. The steaming method is used to kill the enzymes and active compounds present in the lotus flower that give it its medicinal values.

Lotus tea contains antioxidants

That are important for the body. They help in detoxifying the body that causes many diseases. These antioxidants are mainly present in the lotus flowers that have been fermented. The fermentation of the lotus flowers initiates the process of oxidation that robs the toxins from the body and heals it.

Lotus tea is considered as a wonderful weight loss aid due to its ability to suppress appetite and thus helping people to lose weight. It also helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels thus helping heart patients to prevent a possible heart attack. Moreover, it acts as a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from the damaging effects of environmental pollutants such as ultraviolet radiation. This tea therefore helps in reducing the aging process in the body. Moreover, drinking this tea has an anti-ageing property as it stimulates collagen production that reduces wrinkles and makes the skin young and beautiful.

Lotus tea has a wide range of benefits

Which include promoting better digestion, preventing constipation, decreasing allergies, improving blood sugar levels thereby helping diabetic patients, improving eyesight and relieving stress and tension, fighting against bacteria and viruses, preventing kidney stones and easing asthma symptoms. The anti-aging property of this tea is the main factor that makes it so much sought after these days. As the skin ages, it becomes susceptible to wrinkles. Hence, using this tea on a regular basis helps in retaining the elasticity of the skin thus preventing wrinkles and sagging of the skin. It also prevents the occurrence of age spots in the skin and prevents premature wrinkling of the skin and hair. Thus, lotus tea is a good remedy for all those people. Who are looking to look beautiful without resorting to surgery.

Lotus tea has a rich history in Asian countries

Like India and China, where it is a part of the cuisine. In those regions, lotus-infused green tea or Lotus tea is used to detoxify the body. And maintain a good constitution. The reason for this is that Lotus tea has a high mineral content. The main components of Lotus tea are the golden nectar, jasmine oil, water, dry fruits. Chinese wolfberry flower, Chinese ling-zhi, dry fruits, Chinese peony flower, and mung bean. To enhance the flavor and fragrance of this herbal medicine, a delicious lotus infusion can be added to it.


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