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How to Leverage User Generated Content to Boost Sales

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Are you looking for a way to boost your sales and engage with your customers in a fun and authentic way? UGC is created by your customers, such as photos, videos, and reviews, that can be used to showcase your products and build a sense of community around your brand. By leveraging it, you can build trust and credibility, increase engagement with your audience, and even save time and money on content creation. Plus, it’s a fun way to get your customers involved and show off how much they love your products.

In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for leveraging UGC to boost your sales and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

What is User-Generated Content?

Did you know that an astounding 92% of users trust organic content more than they trust traditional advertising?

User Generated Content (UGC) has become a buzzword in recent years and for good reason. It refers to any content created by users that promotes a brand or product, including photos, videos, reviews, and social media posts. What sets this apart from traditional marketing materials is that it is produced by people who have first-hand experience with the product or service. This lends these types of content a unique authenticity that resonates with consumers and is increasingly sought after by brands.

Brands are constantly looking for new ways to engage with their audience, and UGC has emerged as a powerful tool to help achieve this.

Examples of User-Generated Content

Dance Challenges

Dance challenges are one of the most popular forms of UGC on TikTok. Users create short videos of themselves performing a dance routine and challenge others to do the same. These challenges often go viral and attract millions of views and engagement. The one that is trending now is Libianca’s People – Speed Up version, which has seen over 174k videos on TikTok, featuring users recreating the dance moves.

Lip-Syncing Videos

Lip-syncing videos involve users mouthing the words to a popular song or movie scene. Users can add their creative spin to the video by using filters or editing tools to make it more entertaining. One of the most popular ones now is the stupid Cupid challenge, which has a staggering 18.7 M views on TikTok and keeps growing.

Cooking and Recipe Videos

TikTok users have also started sharing cooking and recipe videos. These videos feature users preparing and cooking meals, often with a creative twist, such as “one-pan” meals or “mug cakes.”

Beauty and Fashion Tutorials

Users create videos that showcase their makeup or fashion skills, often with step-by-step instructions or a “before and after” transformation.


Contests and challenges are a fun way to encourage UGC. Brands can create contests or challenges that require users to create and share content related to a particular product or service. For example, a beauty brand might run a contest asking customers to create a makeup tutorial using their products.

The Benefits of Using User-Generated Content

There is no secret that user-generated content is an excellent way to boost your business’s sales and reputation and tap into the power of social proof and create a sense of community around your brand. But what are the other benefits of leveraging this type of content?

Builds Trust and Credibility

When potential customers see real-life examples of other people using and enjoying a product, they are more likely to trust the brand and make a purchase. This is because UGC provides a sense of authenticity that traditional marketing materials cannot match.

Today’s consumers are savvy and well-informed, and they often turn to social media and review websites to research products before making a purchase. With content shared by users they follow, you can provide them with a firsthand account of how your products work, how they look, and how they fit into people’s lives. This type of information is often more valuable than any marketing materials that you could create yourself.

UGC provides a sense of social proof that can be incredibly powerful in influencing purchasing decisions. People are more likely to trust the opinions of their peers than those of a brand or company. What they see is real people using and enjoying your products, and this can be a powerful motivator for them to make a purchase.

Increases Engagement with Your Audience

When you encourage people to share their experiences and thoughts about your product, you’re not just getting valuable content to use in your marketing efforts. You’re also building a community of loyal customers who are invest in your brand. These customers become advocates for your product and can help to spread the word about your brand to their followers and friends.

As this community grows, so does the level of engagement on social media and other platforms. People love to share their experiences and connect with others who share their interests, so by fostering this sense of community, you’re creating a space where people can come together to talk about your product and how it’s impacted their lives.

Also, this type of engagement can help you identify key influencers in your community. These are people who are particularly passionate about your product and have a significant following on social media. By working with them, you can tap into their audience and reach new customers who may not have heard of your brand before.

Saves Time and Money on Content Creation

Creating content can be time-consuming and expensive. By using UGC, you can save time and money on content creation. Instead of hiring photographers, models, and videographers to create marketing materials, you can use content that has already been created by your customers. This can help to reduce your marketing budget and free up resources for other initiatives.

Increases Brand Awareness

When people share photos or videos of themselves using your product, they are essentially acting as brand ambassadors. This can help to increase your reach and visibility, particularly on social media platforms.

Improves SEO

Did you know that the type of content created by social media users can improve your search engine optimization(SEO)?

When people share content related to your brand, it can help to increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages. This can lead to higher levels of organic traffic and ultimately more sales.

How to Leverage User-Generated

Encourage Customers to Share Their Experiences

You can do this by creating a hashtag that customers can use when they post about your product on social media, or by hosting a contest that encourages people to share photos or videos of themselves using your product.

Showcase User-Generated Content on Your Website

You can create a dedicated page that features photos and videos of customers using your product, or you can embed social media posts directly onto your product pages.

Use UGC in Your Marketing Materials

By featuring real customers in your marketing materials, you can create a more authentic and relatable message that resonates with your audience.

Build a Community Around Your Brand

When creating a space for your customers to connect and share their experiences, you are fostering a sense of loyalty and engagement that can translate into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Encourage and Incentivize UGC

Offer incentives such as discounts or exclusive offers for those who share their content. You can also run contests and giveaways to encourage more people to share their experiences with your brand. This will not only increase engagement but also provide you with a steady stream of content to use in your marketing efforts.

Use UGC in Your Ads

This is a fantastic way to showcase your products in a more authentic and relatable way. Whether you’re creating social media ads, email marketing campaigns, or updating your website, incorporating this form of content can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Using UGC in your ads can also help to reinforce the message that your products are loved by real people, not just models or influencers. This creates a sense of community and connection with your customers, which can help to build brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Also, it can help you stand out from the competition. Many brands rely solely on traditional advertising methods, but with this method, you can create a unique and memorable image for your brand that sets you apart from the crowd.

Respond to UGC and Engage with Your Customers

By responding to comments and thanking people for sharing their experiences, you’re showing that you value their input and that you’re committed to building a relationship with them. This creates a positive association with your brand, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat purchases.

In addition to this, don’t forget to ask for permission to share their content on your social media pages or website. This not only shows that you respect their ownership of the content, but it also helps to create a cycle of engagement. By featuring their content on your pages, you’re giving them recognition and exposure, which can encourage them to continue creating content and engaging with your brand.

By engaging with your customers in this way, you can turn them into brand advocates who will help spread the word about your products and drive more sales. So, don’t be shy about responding to comments and asking for permission to share UGC. It’s a simple yet effective way to build a sense of community and increase loyalty to your brand.

In conclusion

User generated content is a powerful tool that can help businesses increase sales, build trust with their audience, and save time and money on content creation. By encouraging customers to share their experiences, showcasing UGC on your website, using it in your marketing materials, and building a community around your brand, you can leverage it to boost your sales and drive customer loyalty.


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