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How to Learn Programming: Tips for Teens

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The world is undergoing a digital transformation like none we have seen in previous times. Computers have slowly infiltrated every facet of our lives, from what we buy to how we work, travel, and even what we do in our alone time. Because of this, learning how to code for young kids is one of the most crucial skills you can develop for both your career and personal growth.

Learning to code for teens can seem very daunting. However, it’s easier than you think. There are tons of free and inexpensive resources you can use to make learning to code a fun and enjoyable experience.

Coding is a terrific way for kids to develop critical thinking on a variety of levels. First, it involves problem-solving while teaching that sometimes there is more than one correct answer. Secondly, it motivates children to make multiple attempts and not be afraid of mistakes. In addition, it has a literary aspect, as it is focused on a language.

Why do you want to learn to program?

First, ask teens this question: Do you want to learn how to program to get into a new field, boost your career, or just as a hobby?

Your answer can help you determine what computer language you should learn, as well as how much resources and time you should dedicate. Understanding your objectives is the first step in the best way to learn to code. By knowing what you want, you can design and adapt a learning process that best suits you.

For instance, you would benefit from a formal computer science degree that teaches you various computer languages as well as complicated concepts, such as data algorithms and structures, if you want to work in cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology or cybersecurity.

However, whether you are a mid-career professional looking to make a switch to a tech career, or a teen beginning to know the coding world, a coding bootcamp can easily get you ready for the knowledge and training you need to make that switch. For those looking to build websites or code as a hobby, a combination of free online courses and interactive tutorials from Aark Learnings might be enough to get you started.

Choose a programming language

A common option for learning how to code is the general-purpose computer programming language C/C++.  Compared to other popular coding languages, C is a bit complicated because it requires the user to write more lines of code to achieve the same things. But, the additional work will certainly help the user understand the abstract concepts better. C++ is the successor to C. The syntax of C++ is similar to C with the inclusion of objects, a strong class of variables that simplifies the development of complex applications.

Used for game programming, software engineering, data structures, browser development, operating systems, applications


A much friendlier version of C and C++, Python is a popular programming language due to its syntax and versatility that makes it easy to use, and the similarity of Python code to English.

All of this is very useful for beginners and allows them to quickly grasp fundamental concepts such as functions. In addition, Python offers a substantial code library with pre-built functions you may use in your code without having to develop them yourself.

Use: website creation, software, task automation, data analysis


While not technically a programming language, hypertext markup language, or HTML, is the backbone of the Internet; It is used to configure the content of web pages.

HTML is the easiest language to try out and is extremely useful for those looking to create websites or want to understand the Internet. CSS, cascading style sheets, is the sister language of HTML. Like HTML, CSS is not technically a computer program, but it is essential for creating websites.

On a web page, HTML controls what content is displayed, and CSS controls how that content is displayed. This means that the CSS code will dictate the features of the site, such as colours, size, fonts, and layout.

HTML and CSS are easy to learn largely because they don’t require you to think about the computational logic of programming languages. For those looking to build websites or programs as a hobby, HTML and CSS are a great starting point. They are used in the creation of websites


Like HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a web-centric programming language. JavaScript is a language that turns static web pages into dynamic ones and allows page elements to do things like move or react to user actions. Being proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will help you design websites well.  Together, these three languages ​​make up the majority of the web content you see online.

Usage: Add interactive behaviour to web pages, web and mobile applications, web servers, server applications, and game programming


Java is a universal object-oriented programming language that should not be mistaken for JavaScript. Java and Python are similar in that they are easy for human programmers to read and understand and can handle complex tasks with a single command. Java is a popular language in Android mobile application programming, about half of all Android applications are made with Java.

Usage: GUI applications, web servers and application servers, middleware applications, web applications, mobile applications, embedded systems,

Business Applications

SQL, short for Structured Query Language, is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed to manage data. SQL is the most often used language for relational database management systems.  The best computer language to learn for people working in data-intensive fields like consulting, finance, or business is SQL.  Usage: data management


Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of languages ​​and have narrowed down your options, you can start learning to code with free coding sites or courses. If you are really dedicated or have extra money, there are also many paid courses available to you.

And, if you want to enter into the coding field and become a full-time developer, an in-person Coding boot camp could help you. Boot camps are great for those looking to learn a lot in a short period of time along with fun!


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