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How To Kick Off Your Video Marketing Plan?

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Is your brand trying to produce the ideal video for their next marketing campaign? If so, there are a few factors to consider while strategizing a long-term campaign. After all, crafting a thought-provoking, meaningful, and marketable video is essential these days. In fact, 87% of brands cite ‘videos’ as their preferred medium, and 51% claim that ‘videos’ are more profitable than their counterparts.

Point being, by not using appealing visuals in your campaign – you are missing out on modern-day marketing tactics! So, creatively use visuals in your next ad and make sure that you adhere to marketing principles. Here’s a set of guidelines you should definitely follow while kick-starting a video marketing plan.

Know Your Audience

It goes without saying that you should have a thorough idea of a consumer’s behavior. Knowing their spending habits, income brackets, brand loyalties, along with other traits, is a fundamental concept in marketing. Does your audience prefer explainer videos? Or should you go ahead with a product demo video? The goal is to satisfy your customers and, in conclusion, drive more conversions.

An ideal video should be captivating and must depict the brand’s message. Both go hand-in-hand. For instance, if your brand poses as an explainer video production company and every visual they produce has a high-quality narrative grip, along with CTAs (call to action) in-between, it is bound to be successful.

An Interesting Start

It’s 2020, and we’re overwhelmed by the content around us. It’s in abundance. Consumers are usually on-the-go, and it’s difficult to grasp their attention while they are mindlessly scrolling through their phone. For your video to stand out, it should have a unique start.

Meaning that the first 10-seconds should be engaging enough for viewers to click on. At the very start, viewers should get a brief idea of what the rest of the video is going to be like. Most marketing videos on social media particularly last for a minute at most. Hence, navigate your way around crafting a video with substantial content in under a minute!

Efficiently Use SEO Techniques

Considering the drastic shift from traditional marketing to digital means, it is necessary to know about SEO to the fullest. SEO plays a major role in digital marketing. Make sure you stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithm shifts.

A video needs to be optimized with SEO tactics for maximum reach. Social media thrives on consumers sharing content, it’s only vital you utilize this fact and add links, CTAs, eye-catching thumbnails, among other details in your videos. Most importantly, realize that Google does not detect visuals, it depends on text. So, use ‘closed captions’ – consumers can read along, and it can be SEO optimized. A win-win situation.

Kick Off Your Plan Right Now!

In conclusion, keep the video’s message precise yet engaging. Before ending any video – always leave links, suggestions, or a message at the end that’ll keep customers hyped. For instance,

Questions – end videos with a cliffhanger or a simple question that will lead them to engage with your brand’s social media outlets

Direct to another video – don’t let the customer fade away, recommended similar videos of your brand

Offers and staying tuned – for customer loyalty, it’s always better to leave promo codes, discount vouchers, or any promotional deal in an ad. Also, guide your audience to share the word around by liking, commenting, and sharing the video.

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