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How to Job Search: 5 Tips Every Job Seeker Should Know

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Currently, there are more than 1 million more open jobs in the US than there are people looking for jobs. Yet, if you’re somebody looking for a job, it often feels impossible to find any of those open positions. After hours of filling out online applications each day, you haven’t gotten the job you want.

If you feel this way, it may help to know you’re not alone. Every job seeker knows this feeling. So, how can you make it better?

If you’re asking this question, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll give you five tips on how to job search.

1. How to Job Search: Make Yourself the Obvious Choice

If you’re wondering how to find a job, start by understanding this fact. When you apply for a job through an online process, your resume most likely won’t go directly to human eyes. Instead, it undergoes screening through an applicant tracking system.

From there, the most likely reviewer for your resume is a recruiter or a low-level HR worker. To help both the AI and humans understand why you’re worth hiring, follow this tip.

Spend time looking for the keywords and phrases in the job description. Once you find these, mirror the words in your application to show how your skillset connects to this position.

2. Don’t Stick to Applying Solely Online

These days, people often think the Internet is the only way to do things. In reality, you should use other avenues to connect with businesses. Once you fill out your online application, find ways to talk to people within the company.

If you make connections with company personnel, you set yourself apart. You also make it more likely that somebody will give you a referral.

3. Remember to Adjust Your Resume 

You may have a brilliant resume. It may have a beautiful, orderly style and top-notch information. However, if it doesn’t show why you’re the best fit for a job, it’s not performing well.

Take some time to adjust your resume to fit the position for which you’re applying. Do the same thing with your LinkedIn account. If you’re currently hiding that you’re looking for a job, turn off activity broadcasts. This way, your current employer may not notice your changes.

4. Be Professional, Not Boring

When you apply for a job, you must appear to employers as polished and professional. Unfortunately, many people believe this to mean they have to be boring.

How do you make yourself stand out? Start by using some design tips on your resume. If you land an interview, don’t be afraid to show some personality. Don’t spend the talk regurgitating the “right” answers to questions.

5. Get on LinkedIn If You’re Not Already

Even if you don’t like social media, use LinkedIn. Companies like Roivant Sciences use LinkedIn as their primary search mechanism. You can’t just have an account, either; you must use this platform to your complete advantage.

Start Changing How You Apply

If you’re wondering how to job search, start by changing how you apply. Use new strategies in your resume. Once you apply, try to find ways to connect with people in the company.

We hope this article was helpful! If so, check out our other content today.


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