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How to Increase Your General Knowledge

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How to increase your general knowledge? General knowledge or GK as it’s also called, is something we always find fascinating. And it’s easy to acquire. The problem is trying to learn how to use it. Yet didn’t you ever experience the phenomenon of not exerting any effort in learning something because you were too lazy to do it?

My Story

I remember that experience. It was a course I had to take and I found myself in deep waters within a few days. I can still remember how I felt about it. For some reason (unknown to me) I became so absorbed with the challenge that I completely lost track of time and ended up not learning much. In those moments I wanted to pull my hair out, shout to the skies and get someone to help me but nothing seemed to work.

In these situations it is so easy to lose sight of the goal – How to increase your general knowledge. So what did I do? I turned to GK – the all encompassing topic. I read dozens of articles, looked at tens of websites, and even did a lot of brainstorming about ways to approach this challenge. I came up with a list of ten ways to increase general knowledge.

These were short and simple, things I could do right away.

The first ten steps were as follows:

Join a few of the twitter lists; look for good GK topics

Become a fan of / follow some of the RSS feeds

Become a subscriber of some of the little black classics (quizzes)

And read articles from the awesomesauce (link available below).

In short I was trying to find out how to jump on board of the Google bandwagon. In a matter of days I was reading through articles and enjoying the social media aspect (the little black Classics part) while improving my general knowledge.

2nd Step

The next step was to join a couple of the more popular of the free lists. The best way to learn something new and also increase your general knowledge is to become involved in the community. Blogs and forums are both great tools for doing just that; helping you to stay up to date on the most important and useful information around.

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3rd Step

The third step was to go ahead and start taking the little black classics quizzes. Not only was the answer to these tests very common knowledge (I had actually written an article about it myself), but they were free, so I felt like I was getting something for nothing. Question type and the answer choices (if any) would be based on what I already knew, so I feel like this was a pretty good investment of my time.

4th Step

Step four was to join a few of the more important thing you can find on the internet. These are the sites that have some of the most popular quiz columns. Question type will usually be based on your general knowledge topics. The answers will usually tell you a lot more than you could ever know if you sat down and tried to read through an explanation. For example, I have learnt that knowing the definition of the word “leaving” is not really a good thing, because whenever you leave the room someone is bound to ask you where you left the door.


Finally, step five should be considered the final step in this series of How to increase your general knowledge by improving your knowledge in as many areas of life as possible. This is by becoming obsessed with improving your current affairs. I have learned that the best way to do this is to try to solve a small problem within a day or two, so that I know I am improving my knowledge in the process. If you tried your best to solve a complicated problem in high school, but failed every time, you would probably feel like improving your current affairs is the ultimate solution to every problem you have. It is for you to decide, but I encourage you to try this if you want to be able to see fast results.

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