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How to Improve Your Vacation House Listing on an Exchange Platform?

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So, do you think listing your secondary home on the house swapping website is uploading a few photos, a short description, and hitting the live button? No, with massive competition in the housing swap industry, you’ve got to put in a bit more effort to make sure your listing reaches all potential guests. So, in this article, we’ve rounded up tips to improve your vacation house listing; scroll down and find out more:-

Tip 1: Make Sure You Respond Quickly

If you’re slow to respond to every query you receive, your listing may drop down to the bottom of search results for most housing swap sites.

Whenever you respond quickly to the guest query, you improve the chances of locking the exchange deal and gain the trust of a home swapping site to rank on top of search results. You can prepare to thank you notes, and answer any queries your potential guest may have.

Tip 2: Be Specific During Housing Swap

Being successful on a vacation housing swap website is knowing your target audience and ensuring that your listing aligns with their needs.

Don’t forget to highlight all the amenities your guests will have at your vacation home. It can be Wi-fi connectivity in the house, a private pool, or a playroom for kids. The headline of the listing has to be clear and crisp to strike a chord with vacationers’ minds. Make sure you upload current photos of your vacation home to increase listing engagement.

In your listing headline, you can add terms like kid-friendly, newly-renovated, proximity to restaurants, etc. in the description, include all the features guests would have when staying in your vacation home. Mention all the features in your vacation house listing, such as hot tubs and pools, that will help your property stand out in the crowd.

Tip 3:  Upload Amazing Pictures

When vacationers search on a house exchange site, the search results display the vacation house’s primary photos before anything else.

If you want to stand out on a vacation housing swap platform, then choose your pictures well.  Include both interior and exterior shots, highlighting the best features of the property.

For instance, if you have an Arizona home with a beautiful backyard pool, show the pool. On the flip side, if you have a spacious beach house, show the view and perhaps a few guests enjoying their time at your vacation house. With today’s modern phones and unique camera features, you don’t need to be professional photographers to take beautiful pictures to leave your prospective swapping partners wanting more.

Wrapping Up

While you may need a little patience in finding the right holiday exchange partner, time spent on a complete description and including beautiful pictures will pay-off in the end.


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