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How To Import Email Marketing Activity into Raiser’s Edge

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Email marketing plays a big part in most nonprofits’ outreach strategies. Find out more about the benefits of using integration software to facilitate the Raiser’s Edge import and export tasks necessary to support the use of email marketing applications such as Emma or Mailchimp and improving non profit data management.

Why You Should Import Email Marketing Into Raiser Edge

While Raiser’s Edge does store constituent email addresses and enable users to send messages, dedicated email marketing resources surpass the capabilities of this all-in-one platform. If you want to combine industry-leading data management systems for nonprofits, integration is an essential step for your nonprofit to pursue. 

A platform such as Omatic Cloud can open up the closed doors of Raiser’s Edge and other Blackbaud software to enable nonprofit staff to import and export constituent data to and from specialized external applications. Dedicated email clients make it possible to see message open rates, compare campaign performance and even provide maps of messages that indicate where recipients clicked on or engaged with a mailer. These capabilities go above and beyond the built-in email functionality of Raiser’s Edge NXT.

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Back Up Your Database

It is always important to ensure that constituent records are backed up and current. One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t lose valuable information is to use integration software that supports the creation of a centralized database. The information stored on this platform can be made accessible to Raiser’s Edge and third-party applications.

There is no way to back up a constituent database once and for all. Regularly scheduled imports and exports play an important part in keeping information current. Information that is out of date may stand in the way of continuing to make contact with donors or obtain donations. Nonprofit staff should determine the frequency with which to update a centralized database backup and when to move data to a particular application for use in donor engagement and fundraising. 

Integration Software Can Supply External Data To Raiser’s Edge

Organizations that use third-party applications for email marketing or any other functions should be able to import relevant information for constituent records back into Raiser’s Edge. Omatic integration software simplifies the process of extracting and classifying data in ways that are useful for Raiser’s Edge or other CRM platforms.

Details on email marketing engagement or other initiatives undertaken outside of Raiser’s Edge can be helpful information to include in constituent profiles. Integration software can also make it easier to run queries, segment records and improve the consistency and quality of data. This data can enrich the approaches an organization can take to raise funds.

The engagement information and donations generated through email marketing should be reported in a nonprofit’s primary CRM software. Organizations that run on Raiser’s Edge should seek out an integration solution that makes this important information accessible for use in tracking the performance of constituent communications such as open rates and conversions. Regardless of the approach to email marketing an organization takes, integration software ensures this data is ready to use to guide future outreach.


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